Last Days in Verona

From another country and even continent, my photos of my last days in Verona.

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Back in Verona: September 2015

italian breakfast

I haven’t forgotten about you. I deliver my thesis next week, after that I’m going to tell you everything that happened these months.
What have you been up to, by the way? Tell me in the comments :)

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My Month in Photos: May 2015


You know I do this every month, even if I’m super busy like now, working and studying for finals (they start this Monday!).

breakfast italian brioche sunglasses summer

Viviannadoesmakeup youtube tea

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This Week in Black & White

This week I’ve been a lot into black and white. I came across a new app called “Black” that basically has only black and white filters inspired by old cameras, and I’ve been using just that because it gives photos a more professional look.

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My First Photography Exhibition

As I expected, I didn’t win. My cold didn’t allow me to go to the awards ceremony, but I discovered it via Google. On Monday I went with a friend of mine, and I watched my first picture ever on a wall at my first photography exhibition. The feeling in the air expressed a lot what the exhibit was, the product of a group of amateurs. I didn’t like a lot of the 200 photos showed, they didn’t transmit me anything, but I liked most of the ones that won. It’s definitely a first (little) step, and I have no idea if there will be a lot more, I don’t even know if I have talent or not, and I should buy a new lens for my reflex instead of leaving it in its bag with a broken one and use my phone because I hace little money, but everything with patience. Have a nice day :)

My Month in Photos: March & April


After January in Photos, February in Photos, The #NoFilter Milan ProjectPhotography 101: Street and the Five Photos Five Stories Challenge, finally a new edition of my favourite photos of the month.

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