Ella Recommends: TV Series to Watch

And the tv shows to watch are…

Marvel and DC Universe:

daredevil poster netflix

A blind martial-arts-expert lawyer decides to fight crime. Cute as a puppy, sexy as hell, good-hearted, intelligent, Matt Murdoch has it all. So much that he is basically all over my Tumblr. The series is very dark and with a lot of violence, so if you’re looking for something funnier and lighter, go for The Flash.

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My Books: Finished, Reading, Just Started

isabel allende my invented country

I can read even more than 3 or 4 books at the time, they just have to be of different topics. I’ve done this all my life, reading the book I feel like reading at that moment. This also has a downside, that is having an absurdly huge pile on my bedside table. The books I’m currently reading are…

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