Book Review: Off Magazine Street – Ronald Everett Capps

I was lucky enough to have watched the movie but not remember absolutely anything.
“Off Magazine Street” was a gift by my friend Martina, who participated to the #ioleggoperché (= #Ireadbecause) initiative organised by many Italian publishers for World Book Day (signing up to their website months before, you could have 10 free books, bookmarks and even a t-shirt, and you had to give them away to friends and relatives…I found out about it too late).

After some time laying on my bedside table, I started it around one/two weeks ago, and I slowly but constantly carried on reading it. There was nothing shocking to find out on the next chapter, no suspense, however I found myself taking it night after night. A weird kind of magic.

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The Bookworm Club #3

telling lies paul ekman nonverbal communication coffee book

Hello, my readers! Welcome to another week of The Bookworm Club.

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I wrote a post about smiling some days ago, but I didn’t publish it because I wasn’t sure if I liked it.
Today I randomly found this TED talk, so I united both and here they are.

I’ve always loved to smile.

When I was little I used to smile to people on the bus, and get really angry if they didn’t smile back.

(I also never used to cry while I was being vaccinated, just to angrily stare at the nurse, but that’s another story).

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The Bookworm Club #2 + My “Paper Towns” Review

Hello my dear readers!
Another week, another bunch of interesting books to read!
I’m so happy that you continue to participate to this little event :)

This week we have…

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The Bookworm Club #1

The first week of The Bookworm Club have brought to us books of very different genres (we’ve got life lessons, love, crime…)  but that seem all really interesting!
I’m going to put them right in my (every day bigger) wishlist.
Clic on the link under the photo to discover what they talk about!

God Never Blinks  2

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The Bookworm Club

Today, inspired by the Blogging201 prompt, I decided to create an event about books.
Twenty7zero3 and I came out with a name: The Bookworm Club.

The first rule of Bookworm Club is: do not talk about Bookworm Club… so type about it instead.

Basically you’ll have to talk about one book you particularly love and why, add some quotes if you like, or talk about the book you’re reading at the moment (and that you’re also enjoying of course). Take your books from the bookcases, remove the dust and fall in love with them again, or at least tell us why you did it.
This event is made for sharing and discovering good books and discussing about them.
You’ll have to publish your post with a photo/image of the book you’re talking, a pingback to this post (put a link to it) and the tag thebookwormclub.
You have to publish on Friday, but you can write the post any day you want and plan it for Friday (you can choose the day and even the hour on the options).
I will collect all the photos (followed by your post’s link) and publish a post here on my blog every Saturday (the concept of “Friday” varies with the time zone).

You don’t have to participate every week, you can just enjoy reading others’ posts and then running to the library/bookstore to find them! :)

Do you like the idea? Do you already have a book in mind?
Can’t wait for your posts! :)