Last Days in Verona

From another country and even continent, my photos of my last days in Verona.

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My Month in Photos: Italy – July 2015

July in Italy was incredibly hot (more than 40° C), stressful and boring. With nothing to study anymore and no will to go out because I didn’t want to melt on the ground, I stayed home most of the time. I hope you’re enjoying my “only-photos” posts. Tell me in the comments what you think and if you have any advise let me know! :)
My second week in Lima in photos will go out today!

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My Month in Photos: May 2015


You know I do this every month, even if I’m super busy like now, working and studying for finals (they start this Monday!).

breakfast italian brioche sunglasses summer

Viviannadoesmakeup youtube tea

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This Week in Black & White

This week I’ve been a lot into black and white. I came across a new app called “Black” that basically has only black and white filters inspired by old cameras, and I’ve been using just that because it gives photos a more professional look.

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My Month in Photos: March & April


After January in Photos, February in Photos, The #NoFilter Milan ProjectPhotography 101: Street and the Five Photos Five Stories Challenge, finally a new edition of my favourite photos of the month.

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  The Girl in the Pink Dress

 The girl in the pink dress today wake up with the sun.

She braided her hair and concluded the hairstyle with a bow.

She observed outside the window the spring-blooming and that made her smile.

She put on pink lipstick and a white cardigan because she wanted to leave dark colours behind.

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#NoFilter Milan Project

milan galleria vittorio emanuele II milano

Hello dear readers, I’m participating to the #NoFilter Milan project!

London City Airport through this project wants to show the real beauty of the cities, teaming up with bloggers to share their photos without filters or editing.

After Madrid, Switzerland and Dublin, this month was the time of Milan. Since my love for this city, even for its greyness, is huge, I had to participate.

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