My Month in Photos: Italy – July 2015

July in Italy was incredibly hot (more than 40° C), stressful and boring. With nothing to study anymore and no will to go out because I didn’t want to melt on the ground, I stayed home most of the time. I hope you’re enjoying my “only-photos” posts. Tell me in the comments what you think and if you have any advise let me know! :)
My second week in Lima in photos will go out today!

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My Month in Photos: June 2015

 I just realized another month has passed. A month full of work, exams, studying, and almost zero social life, but at the end of which I became much more free.

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London or Not London? About Fear of Moving Away

london tube map

Hello, Internet,
as I mentioned some posts ago, I’m supposed to move to London at the beginning of July. On the last weeks I’ve joined Facebook groups, read a lot of blog posts about what to do, how to find a job, do the NIN, etc, to basically organise myself, write a nice and detailed list of everything I need, like the control freak I am, and be ready to everything I have to deal with once arrived.

Therefore, I should be prepared, I should be excited, but I’m realizing that I’m not – well, not as I was before – and I don’t know if it’s fear of failure or disappointment or just a feeling, silently screaming in the back of my mind, that I shouldn’t move. I should already have bought the airplane ticket, but every time I visit Ryanair’s website, the price is higher, but I don’t have the courage to buy it. Continue reading “London or Not London? About Fear of Moving Away”

Dear Friends Who Don’t Respect My “Singleness” (And Much More)

Today I want to talk to you about a situation I’ve been experiencing for a while. So stressful (even if that’s not the right adjective for it) that I’ve been having a persistent pain on my chest.

I’m a very sensible person. Things that people shake off easily or don’t even notice affect me all the time. The choice of the words and the subtle meanings, the quick – real – expressions people show after changing to others, little things that, as I said, nobody notices, and if I talk to somebody about them, I quickly am told that there are meaningless. That I’m seeing things that don’t exist.

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I Made It to the City Lights Before They Took Over My Life

I was browsing The Daily Post’s writing prompts’ page because I wanted to post something, and I stumbled upon the prompt “Opening Lines”What’s the first line of the last song you listened to (on the radio, on your music player, or anywhere else)? Use it as the first sentence of your post.

The last song I listened to is ‘When You Know’ by Puggy and I listened to it for a very specific reason:

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It’s London, Darling


Hello, dear readers!
Since I opened this blog, I’ve shared with you some moments of my life, and I think this major step into adulthood has to be included in the list.

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Writing Challenge

Hello my readers!
After seeing/reading the 30 Day Writing Challenge on Twenty7Zero3‘s and on on Lizzie‘s blog I told myself: “Why not?”.
Due to my university timetable, I would not be able to post every day. What I decided is to post whenever I can, but completing the challenge writing a post about all the questions I feel I can say something worth reading about.
I will gradually link every post to this one and I will put here the links to every answer.
And the 30 questions are…

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I wrote a post about smiling some days ago, but I didn’t publish it because I wasn’t sure if I liked it.
Today I randomly found this TED talk, so I united both and here they are.

I’ve always loved to smile.

When I was little I used to smile to people on the bus, and get really angry if they didn’t smile back.

(I also never used to cry while I was being vaccinated, just to angrily stare at the nurse, but that’s another story).

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