Last Days in Verona

From another country and even continent, my photos of my last days in Verona.

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Back in Verona: September 2015

italian breakfast

I haven’t forgotten about you. I deliver my thesis next week, after that I’m going to tell you everything that happened these months.
What have you been up to, by the way? Tell me in the comments :)

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From Miraflores to Barranco

walk miraflores barranco

One day I decided I wanted to go for a walk and I realised that a lot of places I wanted to visit were actually all very close, so I created an itinerary. Here there are some of the photos I took.

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Lima: Second Week

malecon de miraflores Another week in this wonderful city. Lima is grey – after all, it’s winter – but doesn’t stop amazing me. Every corner, every smile and every bite of delicious food. This week I  thought about including also the names of the places I visited, also of the ones that are not in the photos but I recommend.

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