Dear Friends Who Don’t Respect My “Singleness” (And Much More)

Today I want to talk to you about a situation I’ve been experiencing for a while. So stressful (even if that’s not the right adjective for it) that I’ve been having a persistent pain on my chest.

I’m a very sensible person. Things that people shake off easily or don’t even notice affect me all the time. The choice of the words and the subtle meanings, the quick – real – expressions people show after changing to others, little things that, as I said, nobody notices, and if I talk to somebody about them, I quickly am told that there are meaningless. That I’m seeing things that don’t exist.

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I Made It to the City Lights Before They Took Over My Life

I was browsing The Daily Post’s writing prompts’ page because I wanted to post something, and I stumbled upon the prompt “Opening Lines”What’s the first line of the last song you listened to (on the radio, on your music player, or anywhere else)? Use it as the first sentence of your post.

The last song I listened to is ‘When You Know’ by Puggy and I listened to it for a very specific reason:

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I Cannot…

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Today I met a wonderful friend that I haven’t seen for a while. We went to a café near the university and ordered two spritzs.
We talked about everything, with the ease that two people who understand each other well do.
She told me she had realised she couldn’t stand close-minded people, and that not standing close-minded people was in a certain way close-minded, but she couldn’t help it. I agreed.

I cannot tolerate who, when I say I have many doubts about religion, persistently tries to convert me;
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The Neighbourhood

The Neighbourhood is one of my favourite groups. They love to experiment, and they just released a mixtape with a lot of r&b and rap influences.

You can download it legally and for free  here –> #000000 & #ffffff.

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Who Wants to Be Right as Rain

Who wants to be right as rain, it’s better when something is wrong.
You get excitement in your bones and everything you do is a game.
When night comes and you’re on your own you can say “I chose to be alone”.
Who wants to be right as rain, it’s harder when you’re on top.

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