PXB #2: Tropic of Cancer – Henry Miller

tropico del cancro henry miller recensione

 Like a (deeper) Bukowski in Europe. Paris, its streets, bars and hidden places, and a man wandering in it, searching with his weird friends for women, a distraction, something to pass time by. Sex, alcohol, literature, art, and Paris, Paris, Paris.

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PXB #1: His Last Bow – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

his last bow sherlock holmes conan doyle

Sherlock Holmes for me means tea and warm blankets and stories set in cold evenings with protagonists wrapped in scarves, hats and long overcoats. This little book found on a second-hand bookshop contains short stories with no chronological order. The last story is the one that gives the title to the collection, and it’s also the epilogue: set in 1914, Sherlock, retired and living in the country with his bees, decides to take one last case. I think you can find almost all the ebooks for free on iBooks and Kindle since there is no problem with the copyright, so you have no excuse for not reading them.

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Latest Obsessions (Books & TV Shows)

Hello there! Are you looking for something to read or to watch in this super hot summer (or cold winter, depending on where you are now)? Check out my latest obsessions and tell me yours in the comments! Also don’t forget to become a fan of my Facebook page Jumbleskine :)


Dash and Lily's Book of Dares
Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares – David Levithan & Rachel Cohn // link
I absolutely love how these two writers work together. Their voices are original and merge perfectly. I fell in love with them during my first year of high school with the book Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. That story might be about music, but this is all about books. And bookshops and book quotes, Christmas and underdogs in New York with weird families and a little notebook that contains more than they’ve never said to anyone they know.
If you love books and you want a light, cute and funny story, this is for you.


sense8 poster netflix

Sense8 (Netflix Original Series)
Netflix just keeps surprising me. In Perù Netflix exists (not in Italy) and they even have a one-month free trial, so I decided to do it and watch every possible tv show my schedule could allow me to watch.
Netflix describes Sense8 as “8 strangers from cities around the globe begin having experiences that defy explanation”. They can see each other, they can use the others’ abilities to save themselves from difficult situations, they can feel what the others are feeling.
Sense8 became after a few episodes one of the best shows I have ever seen. A masterpiece.

house of cards poster

House of Cards (Netflix Original Series)
Like Game of Thrones but in the present world. Politics, sex, power, everything you need to keep you glued to your tv or laptop for hours. Francis (Frank) and Claire are a power couple that you need to see.

Other shows I’ve been watching:
– Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
– Drop Dead Diva
– Cougar Town

Book Review: Off Magazine Street – Ronald Everett Capps

I was lucky enough to have watched the movie but not remember absolutely anything.
“Off Magazine Street” was a gift by my friend Martina, who participated to the #ioleggoperché (= #Ireadbecause) initiative organised by many Italian publishers for World Book Day (signing up to their website months before, you could have 10 free books, bookmarks and even a t-shirt, and you had to give them away to friends and relatives…I found out about it too late).

After some time laying on my bedside table, I started it around one/two weeks ago, and I slowly but constantly carried on reading it. There was nothing shocking to find out on the next chapter, no suspense, however I found myself taking it night after night. A weird kind of magic.

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My Books: Finished, Reading, Just Started

isabel allende my invented country

I can read even more than 3 or 4 books at the time, they just have to be of different topics. I’ve done this all my life, reading the book I feel like reading at that moment. This also has a downside, that is having an absurdly huge pile on my bedside table. The books I’m currently reading are…

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Book Review: Fangirl – Rainbow Rowell

Everybody has comfort food. I also have comfort books.
A comfort book, for me, is a book that makes you feel better. It’s a warm blanket made of paper (metaphorically, of course, I hope you don’t destroy books). It makes you laugh, it warms your heart, you feel like you know the characters, they’re like friends to you.
Do you have a book in mind?
For me this book is Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell.

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The Bookworm Club #2 + My “Paper Towns” Review

Hello my dear readers!
Another week, another bunch of interesting books to read!
I’m so happy that you continue to participate to this little event :)

This week we have…

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Ferguson and Mockingbirds

Sometimes you wake up, turn on the news, and think: “Did I finish in the 1950s?“. Sometimes it seems that some events in history are destined to be repeated in an eternal loop, and there’s no way out.

What completely shocks me in the Ferguson case was summed up in a tweet I saw today: “Never in my life I have been so scared of those who are supposed to “protect” me”.

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Book Review #2: “An Abundance of Katherines”, John Green

an abundance of katherines

So it’s 6.56 a.m. and I just finished reading “An Abundance of Katherines” by John Green. Yes, I am aware of the fact I should be sleeping or just waking up now. No, I don’t have lessons today. Yes, I do often stay awake all night reading a book, but no, I don’t regret it. At least – to quote Sherlock – not now.
Anyway, let’s talk about this book.

An Abundance of Katherines” is the second book by John Green (the first is “Looking for Alaska”, my favourite), and it was published in 2006, 8 years ago.

Like watching CSI and after a while understanding who is the killer before they say it, after reading two or more books of certain authors – like Dan Brown, for example – you can sense the patterns behind the stories. Some books separate themself more from the pattern than others, but the essence is the same. Sometimes – especially in non-detective stories, where everything doesn’t have to aim to a specific moment/revelation – knowing the pattern can be a pleasant thing. With John Green is like this.
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Book Review #1: “After Dark” by Haruki Murakami

After Dark - Murakami Hello, my friends and strangers!
Who knows me well – and therefore also the (Mari)Ella that hides behind the illusion of “normality” – but what is normality? isn’t it just what most people do? Ok, I’ll stop – knows also that if I discover something and I really like it – books, tv series, movies, blogs, Youtube channels, anime, places, etc – I’ll tell it to everybody that could be into it
Often people like what I advise, and I often like what people recommend me, and so the chain starts.
An example? Let’s talk about “After Dark” by Haruki Murakami.
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