Music Discoveries of the Last Months

Oh Wonder: duo that releases one relaxing song a month for one year. Perfect for studying or chilling.

TRACE: “finding truth is like fighting heavy shoulders“.

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Putting My Music Player on Shuffle a.k.a. “I Listen to Everything”

christina aguilera record music

I have been neglecting the 30 Days Writing Challenge (and I’m sorry) but today I’m back with another post: Put your music player on shuffle and write the first ten songs that play.
I did it with my personal Spotify account, with the “Starred” playlist (the songs I’ve liked with the “+” button during these years). Here is what came out:

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The Neighbourhood

The Neighbourhood is one of my favourite groups. They love to experiment, and they just released a mixtape with a lot of r&b and rap influences.

You can download it legally and for free  here –> #000000 & #ffffff.

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#DjElla: Music I’m Listening To At The Moment

jumbleskine music playlistEverybody has some songs that they can’t get out of their mind. When you’re studying, going to work, the lyrics start in your head and you need to sing them, or you start dancing, just you and your earbuds and the people staring at you. Sometimes you even dislike them.

These are the songs that I’ve been listening lately, hope you like them and then start singing them in your mind in random places. If you want to know the meaning of any lyrics go to

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Some of the Youtube Channels I Follow


I’m sick. I feel terrible. My eyes are red, my nose runs like a dripping faucet.
I wanted to study but I can’t even concentrate on one page, so I’m going to lay in bed, watch Youtube videos and, well, write to you.
I’ve always had a problem with perseverance. I get excited about something and after a while I just grow weary of it, so I pass to another thing, and so on. I opened multiple blogs during the last years, but I’ve always closed them. This time I feel is not going to be like this. I don’t know why, but I feel it’s the one.
Anyway, this is what I watch and what I listen in times like this:
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