Putting My Music Player on Shuffle a.k.a. “I Listen to Everything”

christina aguilera record music

I have been neglecting the 30 Days Writing Challenge (and I’m sorry) but today I’m back with another post: Put your music player on shuffle and write the first ten songs that play.
I did it with my personal Spotify account, with the “Starred” playlist (the songs I’ve liked with the “+” button during these years). Here is what came out:

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Writing Challenge

Hello my readers!
After seeing/reading the 30 Day Writing Challenge on Twenty7Zero3‘s and on on Lizzie‘s blog I told myself: “Why not?”.
Due to my university timetable, I would not be able to post every day. What I decided is to post whenever I can, but completing the challenge writing a post about all the questions I feel I can say something worth reading about.
I will gradually link every post to this one and I will put here the links to every answer.
And the 30 questions are…

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