From Miraflores to Barranco

walk miraflores barranco

One day I decided I wanted to go for a walk and I realised that a lot of places I wanted to visit were actually all very close, so I created an itinerary. Here there are some of the photos I took.

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Lima: First Week

My first week in Lima was, as you’ll be able to see, full of food (and this is just a small part of it), but also of course of family and friends, and even some cute place. I was thinking to write these posts every Saturday, just to let you know what I’m up to.
pan con tamal cafe desayuno peruano

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March Favourites

march favourites jumbleskine

If you like to watch Youtube videos you probably have seen March favourites everywhere, but here’s my own version. One item per category.

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A Piece of Cake

chuck pie pushing daisies

Today I found out not having a short-term objective could be weirder than I expected.
I woke up this morning – well, midday – with any plan at all. I didn’t have to study, or go to university, and I don’t have a job for the moment.
I ate lunch – my dad cooked some pasta – and then I thought: “now what?“.
I was disoriented.
(You’re probably trying to kill me through the computer because you just came back from work and are tired as hell.)
So I surfed the net, read a little, and then I did what I often do in these kind of situations: I baked.
Baking has a special place in my heart.
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Why Coffee is a Good Friend

Thinking about the prompt “Express Yourself” after lunch, while waiting for the coffee to be ready, as background music just the typical “grrrrr” sound of the moka pot, it came to my mind that this little object, and especially what it was producing, was a very important aspect of my life.
So today we talk about coffee. Better, we talk about caffè.
Pronounced /kaffè/ – the double “f” is very important -.
God, I’m such a Hermione.
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