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Jumbleskine is a strange name, right? It doesn’t exist in the dictionaries. When I was looking for names for my blog, I wanted maximum 3 words that could express how messy my blog would be, like a notebook where you write everything, from your soundtrack to the party to your favourite Shakespeare’s quotes; like a desk full of stuff, Virginia Woolf next to an Arctic Monkeys cd and a “Sherlock” dvd; like my life, always wanting to discover new things. I searched and searched until I stumbled upon the perfect word:

jumble (noun): an untidy and confused mixture of things, feelings, or ideas.

That was the one.

My name is Mariella – some friends call me “Mary”, others “Ella” -, I’m 22 and I’m Italian and Peruvian. I spent my childhood in Lima (Peru) and my teenage years in Italy, where I still live and study “Foreign Languages and Cultures for Publishing”. This is my final year.

In this blog I will talk about my passions: books, tv series, photography, music, cinema, travels, technology. I also like a ton of other things, like baking, make-up and video games. As Einstein said, “I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious”.

Where to find me:

44 thoughts on “More About Me

  1. I love this “about” page, I think it’s the best one that I’ve read to date. It creates some really nice imagery in my head and I can completely relate – I’m a lover of all things, it seems. Movies, music, books, beauty, fashion, baking, travelling, photography… the list is endless, so this seems like a perfect spot of the blogosphere for me. :)

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    1. Oh thank you so much! Yes, I’m very curious and I like to talk about what I discover and like to my friends, and “take them to the dark side” so I don’t have to love these things alone! :D

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      1. Are you interested in Coffee and walnut cupcakes or carrot ones?! Fast and easy. I have the recipes I can scan and send to you if you like (I’ve used them various times). What ingredients do you have? I’ve really got to post more easy and fast recipes like that soon! Thanks for reminding me :)

        Otherwise, a fast cake I like is the Plum cake (le cake de voyage).

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      2. I’ve got grated coconut, concentrated milk, sugar, flour, cacao, yeast, vanilla extract, coffee, milk, eggs, 5 apples, 3 clementines, grane hazelnuts.
        It would be cool if you started a series on your blog: you ask to bloggers what they have in their kitchen and then you create/share a recipe on your blog! :)

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      3. A nice idea! ;) Could call it the 5 ingredients challenge, and even have other bloggers participate too! (like an online Masterchef!). Do you have butter?

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      4. oops… well you could make the pastry then fill with a grandmother’s coconut flan (flan a la noix de coco). Here’s the link: How’s your French? It looks like they have the small can of condensed milk and the same quantity of milk added (to thin it) using the can. I’ve never tried this plan, but I see possibilities and it suits your ingredients! You could test it out? :)

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      5. Just saw your question. Have a look at the recipe, but I think the 250g is probably too much – coconut’s quite dry too…


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