Saturday Running through the City 

Yesterday I went to Creative Mornings Lima, part of the Creative Mornings community that organises free conferences (coffee included!) all around the world. This month’s topic was music and we listened to interesting stories about how the music world works behind the scenes. I applied to be a voluntary, let’s see how that goes. After that I ran to teach Spanish, home to have lunch, then I jumped on a taxi to go to the hospital for my doctor’s appointment. After consulting in the previous months one doctor that just seeing me and touching my neck told me I had diabetes AND cancer (and that told me not to worry, people with that kind of cancer live a long life) and one that told me that the problem was my body and I would have to be in a diet my whole life, I have found (miracle!) a serious doctor that doesn’t invent diagnosis and gives me a series of exams to do to scientifically prove what I have (he thinks nothing serious) and what not. I was starting to feel doctors with brains didn’t exist. This is to say: there are plenty of hospitals and doctors in your town, if you feel sad, uncomfortable or not satisfied (or the three of them, like me) DO NOT stay, try someone else, another hospital. Next week I’ll do my exams, find the problem and the solution. I just had to step away from that place and now I definitely feel I’m in good hands.

At night I was so tired I stayed at home. Before going to sleep I opened up Netflix to watch a comedy, I clicked on the smiling face of Drew Barrymore in the poster of Miss You Already and discovered she was actually the friend that sees her bestie find out she has cancer and go all through the process of chemio and more. Beautiful movie, but I couldn’t finish it. Sometimes you just want to laugh and go to sleep. 

How was your weekend? 

Check out and let me know if there’s an event in your city! :)


4 thoughts on “Saturday Running through the City 

  1. My city isn’t cool enough to be on the list, but it sounds pretty cool! Gosh I hop you don’t have cancer, that would be awful. These doctors sounds a bit crazy, I hope you find a proper doctor and an accurate diagnosis soon. Good luck with the exams!

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