Sunday on the Floor

The day I wanted to blog my computer decided to stop writing. I wanted to post all the pictures of my trips and tell you about them but half the keyboard doesn’t work anymore. 

Here I am from my iPad, drinking coffee and eating a chocoteja, surrounded by the Sunday newspaper. I guess I should say I’m sitting on the floor on my yoga mat because we don’t have a couch yet. New flat, no furniture. 

In a few moments I’ll start reading the last part of Immortality by Milan Kundera, a book  that truly surprised me. I was lucky to find it on my way at a second-hand book sale. Next to it, waiting, there’s a book I wanted to read since high school and that is finally mine: The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath. I am an achiever, that means I feel bad if I haven’t done anything productive. It doesn’t matter if it’s Sunday. Right now I am torn between feeling guilty that I am writing and then reading and convincing myself I deserve it at least one day a week. 

Last night I watched the last episode of Girlmore Girls, Fall, and I’ve got to admit I cried a little bit. Lorelai is the hardworking, strong and inspiring woman that should be the focus of the show, and Rory is a selfish and spoiled 32-year-old baby that cannot put her sh*t together. When I was younger I liked that she loved to read and was good at school because I could see myself in her but she is definitely thousands of kms away of what it’s a great character like Hermione Granger. 

Yesterday I went to the presentation of the summer courses at the photography school I dream to study so bad. Here in December you get another salary apart from the one you normally receive, and here I am again torn between “investing on myself” like my mum called it and saving up because we have to buy a house and you have to save the more you can. I am always a mind with a body dragged by two extremes. 

What do you think? 


7 thoughts on “Sunday on the Floor

  1. You’re back! I missed your posts so bad.

    About Gilmore Girls…Ok, I liked the four episodes buuuut, I’ve always preferred Rory to Lolerai, but in this last serie she so selfish and honestly a little bit stupid. Ok, her troubles with her job are quite realistic but while i’m watching it I thought “she got a barchelor at Yale, it’s quite impossible nobody wants her”, but her relationship with Paul (who?) it’s totally stupid, she never did such things, forgot her boyfriend or having an affair with her ex while he’s officially engaged, she acts like a teenager, a stupid one. I’ve always see myself in Rory, great reader, good at school, always sure about what she wants, but no, now (at 28yo) I’m not a young woman like her, and I’m proud of it.

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