PXB #1: His Last Bow – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

his last bow sherlock holmes conan doyle

Sherlock Holmes for me means tea and warm blankets and stories set in cold evenings with protagonists wrapped in scarves, hats and long overcoats. This little book found on a second-hand bookshop contains short stories with no chronological order. The last story is the one that gives the title to the collection, and it’s also the epilogue: set in 1914, Sherlock, retired and living in the country with his bees, decides to take one last case. I think you can find almost all the ebooks for free on iBooks and Kindle since there is no problem with the copyright, so you have no excuse for not reading them.

What are you reading this autumn? :)
This is the first book of my Project X Books series: as I’ve said on Instagram and Facebook, I have a lot of books at home that I haven’t read so instead of buying new ones I’m going to read as many of mine as possible. I saw this initiative on Youtube a long time ago and I think it’s great! What do you think? :)


12 thoughts on “PXB #1: His Last Bow – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

      1. Hahaha of course I’ve seen Sherlock, I’m super excited about the Christmas special this year :) Since you were talking about Love in the Time of Cholera I thought there was a tv series about it :)

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