Lima: 6th & 7th Week

Eating, visiting, going out with friends… and I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again.

juicy lucy miraflores

ricardo palma miraflores

treff pub benavides

bar publico miraflores

costa verde lima

Sorry for the boring pictures this week, to check out more photos about these days check out my post It Was a Good Day :)

– Club Regatas (private club)
Juicy Lucy (expensive but delicious hamburgers, Av. La Mar 1328, Miraflores)
– Centro Cultural Ricardo Palma (Av. Larco 770, Miraflores)
Treff Pub (German pub, Av. Benavides 571 – interior 104 C.C. Los Duendes. Miraflores)
Bar Público (cheap drinks & nice atmosphere, Calle Esperanza 335-339, Miraflores)
– Malecón de Miraflores
– Costa Verde

Discoteca Mia (Chacarilla)
Trattoria La Piccolina (has also buffet, it’s okay, Simón Salguero 625)
Restaurant Como en Casa (ANTICUCHOS! Jr. Francisco Moreno 241, Surquillo)



pisco sours chilcanos girls night

suspiro a la limeña

cometas parque maria reiche miraflores

cometas parque maria reiche miraflores

parque maria reiche miraflores

tanta benavides miraflores gaston acurio pollito nikkei

tanta gaston acurio


lonche peruano

shawarmas miraflores

chifa mariscos

– Pachacamac
Punto Picante (2×1 on drinks! Calle Berlín 317, Miraflores)
Domingo de Cometas (Parque María Reiche, Miraflores)
Tanta (Peruvian food, Av. 28 de Julio 888, Miraflores, but there are others around the city)
Chifa Hou Wha (Fusion of Peruvian and Chinese food, Calle Carlos Tenaud 490, esquina con la 42 de Paseo de la República, Miraflores)
– Tarboush (Arabish food, shawarma!, Diagonal 358, Miraflores)
– Restaurant Cevichería Bam Bam (Jr. Huáscar Y Pj. Santa Rita, Surquillo)


2 thoughts on “Lima: 6th & 7th Week

    1. Yes, exactly! The limonada is so so good, I want to be able to buy litrers of it and always have it at home. I was a little bit hesitant about Tanta, but it was very good and affordable, oh and I tried a dessert with maracuya that was delicious <3


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