Traveling to Lima and Short Movie Reviews

plane sky delta air lines

Hello everyone! Do you remember when I said I was going to go to London this summer? I had a weird feeling so I decided not to and after a while I was offered the opportunity to travel to Lima, the capital of Peru (South America), where I was born.

airport venice

The flight was more than 24 hours long, between cars, airports and planes. In Venice the guy sat next to me at the airport loudly farted with a nonchalance I would love to have in my life (always worrying about everything). In Atlanta I met a Swiss girl and we walked through all the controls until the gate and complained together about the rudeness of the officers. I had brought some food because when I travel with Iberia I am often hungry (and thirsty, because I drink a lot of water) but Delta Air Lines gave us so much food, water, coffee, and a great service.
I couldn’t blog as soon as I arrived like I wanted to, because I fell asleep pretty much when my head touched the pillow.
Since I am now a little bit busy, here are some photos I did during the flight, and I will tell you about the weekend later or tomorrow :)

home movie

I watched the 5×02 of Game of Thrones (neh) and a LOT of movies, including:

  1. Home: a young girl that moved to the US with her mum trying to find a better life, bullied or avoided by other kids for being “the weird girl from Barbados”, meets a little creature from another planet. Thoughts: kids need representation, movies and books where they can identify themselves, not only with their character but also with the colour of their skin, country, culture. We need Latin American princesses and African princesses and girls fighting for their career.
  2. Birdman: good movie, well written, but not my style.
  3. Brave: yes yes yes! Finally a princess that doesn’t want a prince and fights for her future and independence.
  4. Annie: musical about a poor foster kid adopted by a milionaire in the running for mayor of New York. Nice but I would not rewatch it.
  5. The Imitation Game; God bless Benedict Cumberbatch. This is a Movie.
  6. Love, Rosie: cute movie with actors I really like, especially Sam Cuflin, but nothing wow.



6 thoughts on “Traveling to Lima and Short Movie Reviews

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    I love the sense of adventure you can enjoy while reading other blogs and how much can be learnt about other places in the world from the comfort of your own holo-deck. Never been a plane pasenger myself so appreciated sharing the experience and the view from the pic at this post and a good catch-up visit at the Jumbleskine blog with some fantastic pics of her travels :) Click below to visit her blog.


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