What’s on my iPhone?

what's on my iphone

I am a geek. I am a fan of technology and I believe that, if used well, can really improve our lives. Here are the apps that will simplify your life / change how you do stuff (?) (I’m not good with titles).

 Social Media:

Facebook & Messenger: you already know these two, right? The social network where you can watch the photos of your friends and relatives on vacation while you are drinking hot coffee in July with 37° degrees with drops on your face of something you can’t understand is sweat or tears of exhaustion because you have been studying for 7 hours today for your exam in two days. Of course I don’t forget Messenger, the app that Facebook forces you to download to talk to your friends (and complain about the situation previously described).

Whatsapp: too many groups, some of them great for talking with your friends, some others with too many people and so many notifications you silence it and forget it exists.

Twitter: lovely social media where you fangirl about too many series and you show a part of you you don’t want your relatives to know about. Also: every single thing about Comic Con and photos of British actors, of course. I’m kidding. Or maybe not.

Instagram: my favourite social media. I love posting photos and discovering new accounts and of course watching my favourite celebrities in normal situations and also in places I will never be able to go (see Oscars and Comic Con).

Facebook Pages: are you a fan of my page Jumbleskine? I share my posts but also songs and Youtube videos I like.

Snapchat: you send photos or videos to your friends / followers and you can see theirs and everything disappears in 24 hours.

Viber: free Internet calls to everyone you want, in your country or abroad. Just connect to a free wifi when you’re on vacation and call your mum assuring her you arrived, you are still alive and with nothing broken.


Google: our best friend. I see Google as a cool grandma, sharing recipes and recommending remedies, but also giving great advice.

Word Reference: the best free online dictionary. Thank you for existing.

YouTube: I’m a very big fan of Youtube, there are videos for everything you want or need and it has substituted  my TV completely. If you need new channels to follow, I wrote a post about it (and check out also my last post).

BudJet: expenses. You can register how much you spend or gain and classify it (food, transport, medicines, etc). It will make you a lot more conscious of your money, and also make you realize in what are you spending it and what to cut.

Wunderlist: lists, lists, lists. What to do, what I need to bring on vacation, things I would like to buy if I had money, movies to watch, books to study, books I wish I could read but I can’t because I have to study, etc.

Clue: you are a young girl or a woman and you always forget. This sends you a notification: Blood is coming!

Libra: track your weight. See how much it has changed during the last months.

Kurrency: for when you’re going on holiday and you need to know how much you are actually spending.

DRAE: Diccionario de la Real Academia Española. To understand why this local is looking at you with his eyes wide open.

Genius: the best app for music lyrics. You can clic on the parts of the song that interest you and find out what the singer wanted to mean, if there’s a connection with other songs/events, etc.

Shazam: when you’re listening to a song on the radio or in a bar and you love it but of course you don’t know the title.

Dropbox: you need to do a backup of the pictures on your phone? You need to transfer a file from your computer to your phone but your cable is broken? You need to pass a file to your friend? Dropbox is the one.


Gmail: much better than the “Mail” app that comes with the phone.

WordPress: to write and publish posts on the go, or to simply add photos from my phone to a draft and then finish the post on my computer later.

Podcasts: they keep me company while commuting to uni. I listen to:

  • Ear Biscuits
  • This American Life
  • Serial
  • Psychobabble
  • Welcome to Night Vale

apps to edit photos instagram what's on my iphone

Apps to Edit Your Photos:

I already talked about it here, but I recently added other apps to my ‘collection’.

BLACK: black & whites filters of great quality. You can find some photos I edited with it here.

Pic Collage: create collages also not for instagram (not square).

CreamCam: for softing your skin.

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Snapchat: ellarend1


2 thoughts on “What’s on my iPhone?

  1. I love seeing whats on others Iphones!!! I just downloaded the clue app and I love it already haha! I love listening to podcast too especially spiritual/self help podcast. I need to check the ones you mentioned too!!!

    Jasmine :)

    Liked by 1 person

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