Peggy Olson & Taystee & Youtubers for Breakfast

mad men peggy olson

I finished all my exams. Gosh that feels good. With no more to study and just a thesis to write for November, I am finally free. At the beginning wandering around the house with no imminent purpose, I then woke up from my short existential crisis and started to catch up with some of the series I had abandoned in all of these months.

mad men

Mad Men
It’s not a series, it’s the tell of an era. You don’t only watch the characters develop, fall and raise again, you watch a fascinating time of struggles and victories, of murders and incessant changes. You see strong women that don’t permit to be crushed by the system, working women and mothers and both. You remain fascinated by the incredible attention to every detail, from the outfits to every piece of the sets. Mad Men is a masterpiece, and when I finished I began missing it. Joan Harris is everything, and I recognize myself a lot in Peggy.

Orange is The New Black (season 3)
When everybody was binge watching it, I was studying, but as soon as I had time my late nights awake watching it began. I can’t deny that this show is really good. What is weird is that is capable of being loved by people I would never have expect to, you know, watch a tv series about female prisoners, and with lots of lesbians. Some things you’re sure some people will not like, but life always surprises you. My favourite character is Taystee, and I didn’t like Piper in this season (never a huge fan, but this season was no-no).

good mythical morning

Good Mythical Morning & Cereal Time (Youtube)
I loooved Youtube. I watch a lot of videos. Recently I’ve been watching almost every day the videos of

  1. Good Mythical Morning: Rhett and Link talk about science and weird experiments and funny stuff, and also have a really good podcast (that was my companion every day when I commuted to uni). Every time I watch them my mum is like “why are you laughing? what are you watching?” :D
  2. Cereal Time: two guys in their twenties talk about interesting facts and play a lot of games.

These two channels upload their videos in the morning, so I watch them while I’m having breakfast or preparing for the day.

I want to watch new series and discover new Youtube channels, leave your suggestions in the comments! :)

If you read until the end leave a comment telling me what series you’re watching / which book you’re reading!

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6 thoughts on “Peggy Olson & Taystee & Youtubers for Breakfast

  1. I’m using the summer to binge.

    On Netflix I just finished Supernatural, Parks and Recreation, and American Horror Story.

    I’m currently working through Warehouse 13 and Breaking Bad, with my eye on Mad Men.

    For reading material I’m working through my TBR using the logic of whatever my Library has available; I generally try to read 4 books every three weeks. For this period, I’m reading All the Light We Cannot See, Anansi Boys, A Most Wanted Man, and The Casual Vacancy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. With Supernatural I stopped at the 9×13, I honestly didn’t like it anymore.
      Of Parks & Recreation I’ve watched the first two episodes. I don’t go crazy about it, but I’ve heard it really improves after a while and I love the gif sets about it. Same thing with Breaking Bad, but I just didn’t like it.
      AHS I’m so so fearful, I could never watch it :D
      I have never heard about Warehouse 13.
      Great library! :)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Two observations:

        Parks and Rec really does pick up with the second season.

        IMO, the first season of AHS was the “scariest” (but I haven’t seen Freak Show). Asylum was more suspense than anything else, and Coven was like Supernatural from the opposing viewpoint. The showrunners have said that the next season, Hotel, will return the series to its “dark roots.”

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