Music Discoveries of the Last Months

Oh Wonder: duo that releases one relaxing song a month for one year. Perfect for studying or chilling.

TRACE: “finding truth is like fighting heavy shoulders“.

Alessia Cara: I’m super obsessed with this song, and she also sings in her Youtube channel a lot of covers.

The Neighbourhood – #000000 & #FFFFFFthe first band to put out a mixtape. Alternative and rap, sensual and dark. And free. Yeah, you can dowload it legally and for free (here).

Witt Lowry: angry rap full of emotions, like a mix of Eminem and Drake. Also on Youtube.

Gold – Chet Faker: How hypnotic is this song? (watch also the video and listen to Talk Is Cheap)

Laura Marling: more rediscovering than discovering. Alas I Cannot Swim is one of my favourite songs, but lately I’ve listening to other songs by her.

Tori Kelly: I already talked about her here, but she just dropped her debut album “Unbreakable Smile”!

BONUS: Gooey – Glass Animals


Ana Tijoux: feminist French-Chilean rapper that sings about women and society. I love Antipatriarca.

Miss Bolivia: Argentinian rapper less political and more playful than Ana Tijoux.


3 thoughts on “Music Discoveries of the Last Months

    1. Yes, it’s in my “late night” playlist :) Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of this kind of music, but I don’t know well in what genre to classify it. Alternative?

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