My Month in Photos: June 2015

 I just realized another month has passed. A month full of work, exams, studying, and almost zero social life, but at the end of which I became much more free.


dopo la fotografia

verona brek 





How do you see the pictures on your laptop/computer? Too small or okay? Tell me in the comments.
I don’t like the pictures of this month, but doing “My Month in Photos” is a tradition so I had to do it :)
More photos: here and here and on my Instagram (@ellarend).
Tumblr: jumbleskine


8 thoughts on “My Month in Photos: June 2015

      1. Thank you! :) I use my phone and Photoshop Express and VSCOCam to edit. The camera lens of my reflex broke and I haven’t bought a new one, also because I can bring my phone everywhere!


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