My Mad Fat Diary 3×01 Review (SPOILERS)

mmfd my mad fat diary 3x01

Ladies and gentlemen (but especially ladies I think), I should be studying now. I have an exam tomorrow. Instead I’m sitting here writing and on the verge of pressing that “play” button to watch an episode I have waited for a long time. Who knows me well knows that I love a show called My Mad Fat Diary, and who knows me well have probably already watched it because I basically convinced almost every good friend I have to watch it. I’m not even a little bit sorry, since every one of them loved it. I want to be honest, I’m a little bit scared of what I’m going to watch, because who waits a long time for a book, a movie or a tv show to come out knows well the feeling of being disappointed by something you like so much.
I’m already disappointed by the fact there are only three episodes *cries in a corner*.

I am going to divide my impressions in points, written “live”. Then I’m going to write a final impression of the whole episode. Tell me in the comments what did you think of it or write me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. If you liked this review, please share it / reblog it! :)

My Mad Fat Diary 3x01

  • Rae is late for her college interview: this was a scene also present in the books. Who has read also the books knows that the books and the series are totally different, so finding something present in both is very rare.
  • As an English major, it is so common for me to hear discourses like “oh, you haven’t read that book? but you study English!” or people judging others for the books they have read or not read. I truly love Shakespeare but, as Rae says, life gets in the way, and also sometimes I just want to read something light or funny and cute to relax after a long day, and I don’t think that makes me less of a person or of a “strong” reader.
  • I have forgotten how strong the accent was! It is hard sometimes!

  • “Like sexually explicit lego”. I’m dead.
  • The phrase “do you know how many in our family have gone to university?” with different words is repeated more than once in the second book. I know family wants (or at least should want) the best for their kids, but sometimes this generates so much pressure that it’s unbearable.

mmfd my mad fat diary 3x01

  • “How do you break it to the people who believe in you the most that you don’t want to follow the path they think it’s best for you?”

  • Archie! When he enters the shop! X) Operation “Getting Archie Laid”: ✔

  • I totally agree with Finn. He did the right thing. Because he loves her he lets her free, and also he cannot have in his conscience the fact of being part of the reason why she gives up, maybe she one day regrets it.

  • ME:

Conclusion: I really liked it. The road to balance is never a straight one and it’s always easy to lose the path, especially when the world seems to whirl round and round.  Again, sad that there are only three episodes (the second airs on June 29th and the third on July 6th).

.Please now enjoy some gifs of my lovely OTP.

mmfd my mad fat diary 3x01

mmfd 3x01
Have you read “Eleanor & Park”? This reminds me so much a scene of it!

AND Bromance (?) <3

Images and gifs by (follow her blog! ^^)

BONUS: I’m freaking loving this song, I’m listening to it like 5 times a day. If you are an introvert like me, you’ll love it.


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