Dear Readers


I have no idea how you came across my blog. Maybe Blogging101, or a tag I wrote, a tweet, or a comment I left on your blog (please tell me, I’m curious).

If you follow me for a reason (my photography, book reviews, or maybe my reflections about my now monotonous life), you are probably “expecting” a specific type of blog posts, and for that I feel in a certain way guilty for not writing them.

One of my oldest friends in the Blogosphere, Sandeep, wrote a beautiful post a couple of days ago. She said that, when she started her blog, she did it for herself, to express her thoughts and emotions. â€œI never wrote for you, it was always about me”: that phrase stuck in my mind, I have thought about it since then.

As I said what seems years ago, I continue to go back and forth between topics I really want to write about and others that I enjoy but I post about only because I feel they could attract more people, or because I feel the need to publish something. It’s not that I don’t like them, I mean, I really feel like that when I’m on finals for example, but it’s that when you distractedly scroll down the end of the post, you don’t have anything more than when you started. Like another Facebook quiz or funny game everybody’s talking about, or some of those lists like “X reasons you…” that are EVERYWHERE. What remains of Ruzzle, The Dress or “How’s your Facebook soul mate?” after a week?

I also have “language attacks“: not being English one of my mother tongues, and being a kinda perfectionist person when we talk about languages, I often feel I could write my posts better, or that there are thousands of hidden errors I cannot spot that are horrifying everybody.

This post was to tell you that I love you, I love seeing your likes and comments, but/and I’m going to try to stop publishing posts I don’t fully believe on / I want to delete after one day because they’ve already wearied me, and go back to what I really feel. It is hard, because working and studying, when I arrive home I just eat, shower and go to sleep, and I don’t have anything to tell because I don’t read, watch TV series or have a life to talk about lately, so when I want to write here, because I miss blogging, I just end up writing not the most fascinating stuff or just not doing it, but I’m going to try harder. For the first time I really believe in a blog. This will last, I’m sure.

I can’t wait to move to London so I will have a lot of adventures, pictures and funny and interesting stories for you.

Maybe we can meet for a coffee? What do you think? :)

Have a lovely day,


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30 thoughts on “Dear Readers

      1. Dante is amazing. The Inferno is kinda easy to read, but Purgatory and Heaven are much more difficult to understand even for a native speaker. The higher the level, the higher the language (and much more latin).

        Have you ever tried to read / do you know Italo Calvino or Luigi Pirandello? They are two of my favourites. You could start with them, even in English :)

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      2. I have read one work by each of them: If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler and Six Characters in Search of an Author. It’s been a while; I’ll have to re-read them!

        I read John Ciardi’s translation of Dante each year as part of my Lenten observances.

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      3. Dante every year? Wow!
        Try “Invisible Cities”, “American Lessons” (Calvino), and definitely “One, No One, One Hundred Thousand” (Pirandello). But I think every book by Calvino is fine. I don’t know how many have been translated though.

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  1. Blogging101 buddies <3

    I am completely with you on this. It's like you found the words I couldn't write. I wish I could post more. I miss posting. Now I just churn out junk posts, though I they're complete junk… I think you know what I mean. It's got to the point where I feel like I need to give this blog some space. I don't know. It;s really difficult. I miss how easy it used to be.

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    1. I’ve known you basically since the beginning! <3
      I would like to post more, but I don't have anything to write about. I miss blogging but it's probably better to stay away from it or to find a little time during the weekend (the only free time I have) to write some posts and then publish them during the week. But doing like that I feel like they are not actually "true".
      I just want this month to end.

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  2. Stick to what you love: bottom line is “what are you in this for?” Followers or getting some pleasure out of it. I tend to stick to short stories. I’m not out for followers though I always am amazed and grateful for the wonderful who are keeping an eye on my blog. I’ve learned that you sell better a product you believe in so maybe by going back to your likes or love followers will come anyways 😉.
    And I believe we are blogging 101 buddies too 😉

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  3. Couldn’t agree more! I sometimes do this too and always eel bad afterward. My blog centres around parenting and my life but I’ve got photography on there too. The photos always bring me a lot of likes and I wonder if I’m doing the right thing by posting them because it’s not really what my blog is about. On the same hand, I always think ‘this is my space, I’ll post what I want’ but there’s always that element of guilt. I can’t remember exactly how I found you, I think it was blogging 101 and a post about fandom (?) with lots of gifs that got me into your blog

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      1. Yeah I think so too :)
        Yeah there’s always something that makes you question of what you’re doing is right. I always find it funny how the numbers in the stats can contribute to how you feel about your blog, sometimes I have to remind myself how fickle stats really are

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  4. It is so easy to get addicted to looking at the stats! I love your blog mostly for your random musings like this post. Especially when they seem to overlap so much with what I think about my blog! The most important thing is that you enjoy what you right and you’re proud of it. Everything else should be secondary. I’m sure I’ll still be reading :)

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      1. I know that feeling! Took me a good year after uni to properly get back into reading fiction. But write about whatever! I love your style (and I never would have known english wasn’t your first language)

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      2. There are great websites that can help you, and a lot of them are free! :) also: try Youtube videos, just listen to the language in the background while you do other things :) I started doing that with French but then uni got in the way.

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      3. I tried learning German using an app but I skipped a few days and never got back into it. I just don’t think I’m suited to learning languages – I’ll have to be the ugly english tourist who just points at things

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      4. Well the important thing is that you can explain what you want to say :D
        Italians and the movements with their hands probably scare everyone, they try too much :D

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  5. Hello. I love your blog so far. I think I think another blogger recommended you. I was looking for blogs to follow and she recommended your blog. I think you should write whatever you feel :-) It makes it authentic. No matter what you write i’m sure we will all love it.. Everyone is talking about blogging 101. What is it? Is it a website or one of your old posts, and if so what is the link so I can check it out. Thank!!

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