My Month in Photos: May 2015


You know I do this every month, even if I’m super busy like now, working and studying for finals (they start this Monday!).

breakfast italian brioche sunglasses summer

Viviannadoesmakeup youtube tea

(That’s Anna from ViviannaDoesMakeup, a Youtube channel I love ^^)

my beauty essentials kiko catrice concealer zara perfume eyeshadow stick pupa foundation fondotinta

Would you like a post or video about the makeup I use?

weird shape strawberry

arena di verona opera lirica italia

May was a sunny (most of the time) month, a sun I didn’t enjoy much because I stayed indoors, and that, when I decided to study outside, made my arms red as a tomato. In the evening however I went out more, ate more ice-cream and started planning my moving to London in July.

“Happiness: a home with inside the people you love” 

italy countryside bus


I’ve been binge watching Mad Men almost every night, now I’m at the 5th season. Would you like a review? :)

I want to start making Youtube videos, what do you think? What would you want me to talk about?
I already have a channel, but not sure if EveryElla is the right name, what do you think? :)


5 thoughts on “My Month in Photos: May 2015

  1. WOW times like 5 or 6 trillion. These pictures are incredible. Seriously. I love how you are capturing the evryday like and making it look so beautiful. I adore your pictures. Each month they get better and better <3

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    1. *screams all over the room* AAAAAAWWWW THANK YOU <3
      I photograph only with an "old" phone (iphone 4, they don't even sell it anymore :D), but I think I'm still able to make decent pictures, so I'm happy about that :) Buying a reflex is something I would love but that can wait, I have more important things to spend my money on now :)

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      1. You should keep this the Ellarend name for your youtube. I have a plan to do a video, but like with every plan, I never get round to doing it! It would be good to see what do on there :D

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