My Slendertoxtea Review

slendertoxtea review

Hello, dear readers!
When I created this blog I decided to give it a name that could sum up exactly what it would be: a mix of everything I love and/or I want to talk about. I really like makeup, skin care and health related blogs and Youtube videos, but when I wanted to write about it here I didn’t know where to start…until now. I was lucky to receive, around the end of April, thanks to The Bloggers Hub (that hosted an amazing bloggers’ party on its Twitter, where we exchanged ideas about blogging and interacted with brands (you can join too! check their website)) and Slendertoxtea, the 14 day teatox, a 14-day supply of tea (made from natural herbs and plants) designed for cleansing and to improve the metabolism and health.

I honestly didn’t know what to expect, since I had never tried a detox tea, but I decided to give it a try and then let you know my honest review. Here we go:

slendertoxtea review

  • I didn’t lose any weight, also because I didn’t start a diet, I just continued to eat like I usually do. I’m under a lot of stress for exams and university, and starting a diet would have generated even more stress, that of course I wasn’t keen to have.
  • I did feel all the other changes: I felt much lighter, not bloated anymore.
  • My metabolism and body became much more regular, no more ups and downs continually.
  • The flavour was not bad, it was a normal tea.
  • I followed the instructions and left the bag only 2/3 minutes, after that it becomes too strong (for me). Also, I didn’t add any sugar or milk, but I always drink my tea like that, so it depends on you.
  • Sometimes I skipped the morning tea because I was late / I slept at a friend’s house and forgot to bring it, so I didn’t drink it exactly every day for two weeks, but I drank it all.
  • I don’t think I would spend so much for tea very often, but I think if I worked I could do it like 2/3 times a year when I want to cleanse.
  • The product arrived very soon.
  • In the end I’m satisfied.
  • The first photo captures my twin plants (the very calm and neat one and the crazy one) before they “died” and I had to cut them and leave them in the pot for the next year. I really like those plants, they’re the only living thing I can keep alive, and not even for the whole year because they just “hibernate”.
  • Have you ever tried a product like Slendertoxtea? Would you like to try it?

4 thoughts on “My Slendertoxtea Review

    1. I do! They have also free food plans in their website, so probably it works much better if you follow them and/or do regular exercise, but without those it worked well for me too :)

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