Inspiring Female Characters in TV Shows: Constance Bonacieux (The Musketeers)

I know she’s first of all a book character, but I really like the version given by the BBC in, of course, The Musketeers. I’ve tried to put together a list of reasons why Constance Bonacieux is a legitimate role model and badass.

She is a strong female character who is not afraid of answering back, fighting for what she believes is right.

you bring women to fight your battles constance bonacieuxperhaps i bring men to fight mine constance bonacieux

She wants to be treated as equal in a world completely dominated by men that govern her independence and control her life (but without whom, she realizes, she cannot live, because a woman at that time couldn’t survive without a man).

The Musketeers respect her, trust her, fight at her side, love her. She is a friend and a companion. She is one of them.


She is strong without giving away her femininity, sweetness and kindness. She can shoot at someone and then take care of a child and never stop being badass, because badass is an interior characteristic, not made by leather jackets and killer looks.

Also: how cute is she? ^-^

Which other female or male character in a tv show inspires/has inspired you? Let me know in the comments. Also: who would you like to see next?

P.s.: you can find all the gifs in my Tumblr mariellatells.


14 thoughts on “Inspiring Female Characters in TV Shows: Constance Bonacieux (The Musketeers)

      1. I will!! And thanks for letting me know this is out there. I love female characters who can be both strong and feminine/girly. The ones that let us know we can do both.

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      2. We need more of both, usually in books/series/movies or there is strong and badass or girly and sweet, when in reality both happen very often :) The representation of women is very weird, extreme and paradoxical, unfortunately :)


      3. I think that is part of why I like Buffy so much. Sure it is campy, but for me that was part of the fun. But she very much had do deal with being badass and doing what needed done, and all the fun girly things she wanted and loved. And she never really gave either up, she made it work.

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