Ella Recommends: TV Series to Watch

And the tv shows to watch are…

Marvel and DC Universe:

daredevil poster netflix

A blind martial-arts-expert lawyer decides to fight crime. Cute as a puppy, sexy as hell, good-hearted, intelligent, Matt Murdoch has it all. So much that he is basically all over my Tumblr. The series is very dark and with a lot of violence, so if you’re looking for something funnier and lighter, go for The Flash.

the flash poster

Barry is struck by lighting in his house and after 9 months in coma wakes up with superpowers: he can run super fast, be fast as a flash. He fights crime with his team of scientist friends in Central City. The Flash is a spin-off of Arrow, and the characters of Arrow and The Flash meet more than once during the season.

agent carter poster marvel

A spin-off of the Captain America movies, Agent Carter is a badass secret agent after the Second World War in a world dominated by men that doesn’t appreciate her. If you’re looking for a powerful, both in strength and character, heroine, this is the one.


the originals poster

Ok, you probably already understood sometimes spin-offs are better than the real series. The Originals is a spin-off of The Vampire Diaries and it’s 10000000000000000 times better. The story revolves around the life of the Originals’ family and the various supernatural creatures in New Orleans (that I want to visit so so bad).


2 broke girls poster

I already talked about it here –> 2 Broke Girls

“The law without the order”. Set in the fictional 99th Precinct of the NY Police Department in Brooklyn, the tv show follows the life and cases of these pretty abnormal policemen and their awesome captain. The characters are fantastic and very original. Also: I might have a crush on Andy Samberg :D

Set in a community college, it reunites the most disparate group of people. Very funny, much more than The Big Bang Theory, and also smarter. The real nerd comedy.

Mindy is my queen. I love Mindy as a character, I love Mindy Kaling, and I love this show and all its witty phrases. Independent and career young woman trying to survive in New York. A very “Bridget Jones” character, but better.

Vicious: an elderly gay couple (Sir Ian McKellen!!) in an hilarious love/hate relationship and an old girl friend who always flirts with their young neighbor. I mean, look at that cast, do I really have to say more? :)

you're the worst

Two chaotic and totally sceptical about love people meet at a wedding and decide to hook up. Over the next weeks they come closer together. I cannot describe how much I love their relationship. The most realistic and still beautiful love story seen in a while.

the it crowd poster

Nerds working in I.T. in a basement forgotten by everybody . Hilarious.


pushing daisies poster

This is a series by the creator of Hannibal, and I think I can describe it as a sunny and cute version of a Tim Burton’s movie. Ned bakes pies and has the power to wake the dead and he helps his detective friend to solve cases. Pushing Daisies will make you all happy and giggly.

scorpion poster

A group of geniuses from different fields called Scorpion collaborates with the FBI to solve cases. The Big Bang Theory? PUFF, this is much better.

forever poster

 An immortal man, Dr. Henry Morgan, works as a medical examiner in New York and helps to solve cases. In each episode you’ll learn about a piece of his past. Also: BRITISH ACCENT.

Hannibal the Cannibal. Dark, violent, psychological, maniacal, and with the best photography I have ever seen. A masterpiece.

suits poster

The  crème de la crème of lawyers in New York. Harvey Specter and Mike Ross work together at Pearson Hardman and solve cases. Mike has an eidetic memory so he remembers everything he reads. The best character is definitely Donna, Harvey’s secretary.

I already talked about it here –> Broadchurch

sherlock poster

I’m not gonna talk about this highly functioning sociopath and his doctor friend. Just watch it. Do your research.

Drama & Historical Drama:

downton abbey poster

The life of an aristocratic family and their servants in the post-Edwardian era (post 1910). Deaths, love, intrigues, with important historic events in the background.

orphan black poster

Sara returns to her city and while waiting for the train sees another girl identical to her. This exactly alike girl throws herself onto the train and Sara decides to steal her identity. Soon finds out that the girl of the train is not the only one. Very very cool series, Tatiana Maslany is an incredible actress.

I already talked about it here –> My Mad Fat Diary

Sex, lies, advertising, New York life in the 1960s.

It has probably the best opening you will ever seen. Set in the 1950s and 1960s, Masters of Sex explores the life and research on human sexuality of Dr. William Masters and Virginia Johnson. The majority of the story is made up, even if it talks about two real people. Sex, science and fight against taboos.


2 thoughts on “Ella Recommends: TV Series to Watch

  1. I got really burnt out on TVD but I’m interested in the Originals if the story line is better. I think I also have to accept that I must jump on the Mad Men bandwagon. Who doesn’t love Jon Hamm? Thanks for the huge list to add to my queue!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. If you want there is also a book about The Originals (the first of a series, I’m reading it now!). For Mad Men, I have a very weird and love-hate relationship with Draper! Hate basically for how he treats his wife, the rest is not bad :)
      You’re welcome for the list! Would you add any TV show to it? :)


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