I Keep On Fallin’

jumbleskine mariella

Yesterday started with a fall.


After my breakfast I went out to go the bus stop. It was raining, and I slipped two times but I managed to regain my balance. I crossed the street, but on a little downhill road I slipped and fell. Only my left knee hit the ground, and it began to hurt. I stood up quickly, brushed my knee taking away the dirt, and continued to walk. A car was passing but I didn’t care.

At university I met a friend for lunch. I almost fell again, because my foot got tangled in my backpack, but I kept on walking to the counter and asked for a coffee.

I laughed with my friend of how a fail our day was. Her bus never came, and on the next one she was pushed by a group of teenagers going to school. She arrived late to work, so got to finish later, that’s why I had to wait for her (I used the time to read some of your posts).

I managed to save the meat of my hamburger from hitting the ground, grabbing it and putting it back between the two slices of bread. It tried to slip away again, but I said oh, don’t you dare and I made it disappear into my mouth.

We laughed again.

I’ve gained an incredible patience and ability to laugh about my little disasters.

Once I knew a person that would become so, so angry about even the tiniest things, and after probably two of these would consider his day a complete disaster. He would stay angry and on a bad mood for the whole day. Time made me understand he was a toxic person, and that I didn’t want toxic clouds in the blue sky of my life.

Other things happened, but were so stupid and little I didn’t even remember them.

I had time to lose before my bus came so I went to Tiger, my favourite shop. I walked through the aisles, looking for something and anything. I put a gift for my mum on my cart, then went to the check-out. I had four people in front of me, so I looked around until it was my turn. The very tall and bearded cashier took the gift, told me the price, asked if I wanted a bag, and all the time I looked at the counter, up to his torso because he was standing. When he gave me the rest, I looked up at his face, smiled and said thank you. I don’t know why I did it, I just suddenly felt like it. He smiled back in a cute way, and I went away.

Outside it didn’t rain anymore, and I had no more “accidents” for the day.

Have you ever noticed that the verb fall basically covers our entire life?
fall head over heels for (sb) / fall in love with / fall for (sb/sth),
fall foul of (sb/sth),
fall back on (sb/sth),
fall on hard times,
fall apart / fall to pieces,
fall asleep,
fall away.

Also, have you ever noticed that when you write or analyse a word many times it starts to seem wrong or weird?


9 thoughts on “I Keep On Fallin’

      1. Though bumping your head isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes a bump to the head can end up making you ridiculously super duper smart. Very rare of course!

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  1. I’m such a klutz myself so I understand how you must have felt! I’m glad there were no serious injuries though! As for your question at the end, Yes! Have you ever written a word, capitalized it and it looked weird? Happens to me sometimes. :D

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