British tv series – crime drama – 2 seasons
Dorset, little town, a kid is murdered, the secrets of the inhabitants are revealed.

I watched all the first season‘s episodes in one night, one after another. Definitely 4 stars.
The story is developed in a gorgeous way: each character is analised deeply, like in a book. The series was so well written than a book adaptation of the first season came out (always called ‘Broadchurch’).
The photography is very detailed and, maybe is my impression, slow, but not in a bad way. I think it was in a ‘I want to reproduce the life on a little seaside town’ way.
If you want to understand how could be like, Broadchurch remembered me a lot of Camilla Läckberg’s “The Ice Princess”, the first book of the Erica Falck’ series (there’s even a tv show about her called ‘The Fjällbacka Murders’).
Watching Tennant as a very serious detective with a totally different accent is weird, but he’s majestic. I knew Olivia Coleman (the other leading actor) from ‘Hyde Park on Hudson’ (yes, I checked Wikipedia to see where I’ve seen her before). Coleman and Tennant have a great chemistry and even if it’s a drama there are some funny scenes between their characters. Also, the actor that plays Rory on Doctor Who here is a priest and Argus Filch from Harry Potter is one of the neighbors.

When I watch a series I enjoy I always end up on Tumblr searching gifs. Here are two of my favourites:
broadchurch i'll give you money to shut up david tennantbroadchurch i'll give you money to shut up david tennant

broadchurch david tennant look at us thelma and louise

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