Blog Better: Tips to Improve Your Blog

blog better improve your blog

I wanted to write this post for a while, share the little I’ve learnt with you. I know I’m not an expert, and I cannot even remotely think I am one since this blog is still so “not popular”, but I think you have to blog for the blog you want, and quality, connections and graphics in this environment are the key.
But enough with the blabber, here are my tips:

Use big photos of great quality. I don’t want to need a hand lens to see what mascara you photographed, please use pictures of medium/large size. If the quality of your camera is bad and you’re talking about a product (makeup, clothes, books, etc) you can always find the photo the shops put on their website (usually with a white background), save it and add it to your post, better if with a link, so they can also go back to the website and read/see more details about it.

Graphic is important and can be distracting. Use a clean theme and a white background. Try to stay minimal. If you like colours, use maximum two. So many times (and I don’t like it, but it’s true) I have not subscribed to a blog because I just didn’t like the graphic, and I have read also a lot of other people do the same thing.

Meet other bloggers! I’ve met awesome people on Blogging101 here on WordPress, but you can also stumble upon blogs just searching tags that interest you!

Leave a comment only if you have something to say. Self-explanatory. If the blogger likes the comment you left, he/she’s probably going to click on your profile and have a look at your blog. Instead, if you write something that is clearly a copy-paste text with your link at the end, you’re probably going to be ignored or something like that.

Plan if you don’t have time! Are you writing a post at 3 in the morning and you think if you publish it at that moment it would get lost and nobody would read it? You work full time and have time to write only at the weekends? Plan your tweets (thanks to TweetDeckand your blog and Facebook posts (just go to the post’s setting options)! I’ve read that the best time to publish is at 7 a.m. (when everybody wakes up/goes to work/school) and around 5/6 p.m. (when everybody goes back home/ finally relaxes).

Create a recognisable design. If you prefer images to photos as headers on your posts, use always a design that your readers can begin to recognise with your blog. For example, find a font and use it always, or maybe a particular frame. You don’t need Photoshop for this, I always use Canva, a free website with a lot of options and pre-made designs. Also free and easy to use is Studio, an app that I have on my phone and iPad. Creative Market every week gives you free awesome stuff.

Connect your Facebook page to Twitter, so every time you post something it will appear there too.

Participate to chats! There are a lot of chats where you can interact with people that blog about the same topics as you! I follow
CrazyBloggers (every topic, Thurs 7-8pm UK time),
Lifestyle Bloggers (Wed & Sun 7- 8pm UK time),
Beauty Bloggers (Wed & Sun 8-9 pm UK time),
Blogsdoitbetter (Monday 7-8pm & Fri 8-9pm UK time),
Musical Bloggers (Thurs 6-7pm UK time)
UK time = GMT
Italy time = GMT+1

Socialize! Mention your blog on social networks (don’t forget the link on your profile), use the right hashtags, follow bloggers you like, etc.

Mention your old posts! Have you talked about that product/author/topic before? Link it! You’ll bring traffic to your old content that maybe your new readers haven’t read.

Always put links/buttons to your other social networks on your blog. You probably have a Facebook page and a Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr account, why not say it? :)
You can find already designed buttons on the internet for free, just google “social media buttons“.

Create a Bloglovin’ account. Follow blogs from different platforms (Blogger and WordPress for example) in one place and make others follow you! It’s a very important platform, don’t forget to register your blog!

I know it’s hard to spend time writing a post, putting your heart into it, and then go to the statistics page and see so few visits, but as I said here during a CrazyBloggers chat: it’s a long process. In the end I enjoy much more when you comment and we create a nice conversation, than when I see a lot of visitors but no sign of them.

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21 thoughts on “Blog Better: Tips to Improve Your Blog

      1. I’ve recently started a new blog and wondered how to get it off the ground, I can use the same tools for my existing blog too but even more so on my new one, which is a new style of writing for me :)

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      2. It’s pretty much a space for me to write about my Fangirl stuff. I don’t have many real life friends and the ones I do have I barely ever see and don’t share the same interests. I toyed with the idea for a while and didn’t go ahead with it because I was scared but in the end I just did it, I’m really glad I did because I’ve explored creative writing as well as just writing about stuff I like and posted things which wouldn’t normally get mentioned on my parenting blog, KaboodleMum. I just thought that while I pour my favourite things out in words, I might just meet some people who enjoy the same things as me, making me feel a little less lonely when it comes to that stuff :) actually, it’s one of the reasons I followed your blog, because i noticed that you shared some interests and well, I’ve been following you since lol, sorry for the essay


      3. I’m really glad you did it!
        My fangirl stuff I used to share it on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr until I met my friends at university, I know how it is! :)

        I loved it! Send me the link! :)

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  1. I so agree with your points about photos and design. I definitely have based my decision to follow or not on how the blog looks. Big photos on a white background get me everytime!

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  2. Ottimi consigli, avrò premura di seguirli mi hanno schiarito qualche idea che vagava confusa nella mia testa. Continuo a pensare che il mio blog sia un po’ troppo caotico, ma non riesco a concepirlo diversamente. Io sono una persona caotica a cui piacciono tantissime cose.

    Ti auguro un buon inizio settimana! :*

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  3. The one about decent photo size is so true. I changed my layout recently so photos can display really large as I prefer large & detailed photos… but I think the standard 640px is perfect. For some reason portrait iPhone photos that display at around 300px are an immediate turn off for me and I exit the blog immediately. It’s harsh but true unfortunately!

    Erin |

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