March Favourites

march favourites jumbleskine

If you like to watch Youtube videos you probably have seen March favourites everywhere, but here’s my own version. One item per category.

rimmel moisture renew 310 back to fuchsiayoutube logoMAKEUP: Rimmel Moisture Renew 310 Back to Fuchsia
Gorgeous colour, perfect for spring and summer. Really bright, so apply it in moderation. It lasts a lot. 

youtube logoAPP: Youtube
I’ve watched a lot of Youtube videos this month. I like them because some of them are light and fun and distract me while I’m cooking, having lunch or preparing in the morning, some others are really inspirational and deep and/or really instructive. If you want to follow me, you can find me here: EveryElla.

the flash grant gustin

TV SERIES: The Flash
Not a DC Comics fan, totally a Marvel one, but I really love Arrow and in March I’ve loved The Flash – the Arrow spin-off – a lot. Every episode is amazing and leaves me with a lot of questions but also answers the previous ones – not like in Pretty Little Liars -. I knew Grant Gustin from Glee and here is great too. My favourite character is Cisco, what my friends would call “a puppy”: simply adorable :D

MUSIC: Uptown Funk – Bruno Mars
I know, I know, not really my type, but I just love this song. I even included it in a post a while ago.

zara quilted messenger bag black

OBJECT: Zara Quilted Messenger Bag
I was very specific: I was looking for a shoulder bag with a zipper small enough to take to parties, big enough to carry something more than my phone. Also: with silver details, since I don’t like gold. I found it and it fits a lot still being small.

I‘ve followed her for at least one year and a half, and I really like her personality and her videos (about makeup, gorgeous outfits, food, lifestyle, etc). She also has a vlog channel and a blog.

FOOD: Lemon Cake 
I talked about it in one of my last posts: not everything that I wrote happened, but it did the fact that I actually baked it. I modified a little bit the recipe in the video by ViviannaDoesMakeup (basically I put half lemon juice and half lemon grate in the cake instead of doing the drizzle).

BOOK: Emotions Revealed. Understanding Faces and Feelings – Paul Ekman
For university, but so good also for pleasure. Been reading it when I have time the whole month, it doesn’t stop being super interesting.  


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