Behind the Green

Day 2:  

 He has that quirky look in his eyes, he’s laughing at a stupid thing I said and they’re shining and he’s looking up and shaking his head and he can’t stop and if something asked me what beauty is I would say this moment.

(Totally fantasy because I’m happily single as f*ck :D)

Day 3: 

 Watching something grow, slowly reaching out the sky above you, every day, never stopping, is fascinating. Buy a plant, and learn from it.

Day 2 and day 3 of the Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge (you can find day 1 here) izzy-grabs-life nominated me.
Sorry if the stories are kinda short, nothing in particular inspired me today.
App used to edit my photos: VSCOcam.

Hey guys and girls, how are you doing? Tell me something you did today :)


7 thoughts on “Behind the Green

      1. Mmm, you’re right. Inspiration isn’t to be forced. It’ll come when it comes. Maybe soon the ordinary things lying around will appear to be extraordinary. As if you were seeing them for the first time or something :) You never know

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