The Girl in the Pink Dress

 The girl in the pink dress today wake up with the sun.

She braided her hair and concluded the hairstyle with a bow.

She observed outside the window the spring-blooming and that made her smile.

She put on pink lipstick and a white cardigan because she wanted to leave dark colours behind.

The girl in the pink dress and the pink lipstick decided to bake a lemon cake and the fragrance invaded the house.

Carefully, she took a tiny piece of that cake with her left hand and brought it to her mouth. It was warm, and soft, and sweet but also a little bit sour, and she loved it, and smirked, like it was her little secret.

The girl in the pink dress remained in front of the window, delighted by that moment of bliss, until a voice called: “Are you there?“.

Izzy from izzy-grabs-life nominated me to the “Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge” today, and here is my first post! :) I should nominate a blogger every day, so five in total, but I don’t want to disturb you. But hey, if you find it cool and want to do it, let me know in the comments! :)


15 thoughts on “  The Girl in the Pink Dress

  1. Ooh, great great shot and meaningful story. The girl in pink left winter and dark colors behind and woke up to spring and comforting colors (I love the symbolism). The girl then treated herself (something we all might forget to do) to a lemon cake that has its own touch of sweet and sour. At the end, I wonder who’s slicing into her moment of bliss…??

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