Online Dating?

I love watching some TED talks, and one day I came across a witty and great video called The Mathematics of Love.

As I said before, I’m not looking for a relationship or anything, even less now that I’ve decided to go to London, but I was really curious about trying one of these websites for a while.
Today I did. The result?
Weird. Funny. Surprising?

I found an old classmate that also lives very close to me so if he sees my profile this will be so weird.
The website was created by a group of mathematicians, and you have to do some quizzes, which I love, so basically I’m having fun answering questions like “do you consider yourself more intense or carefree?”.
I continue to receive notifications like “this guy visited your profile”, and it’s weird to be in a shop window where everyone is watching you and judging you like that nice vase over there.
When I registered I just wanted to try it and then tell you what I thought about it, then I decided I would do that, but tell you also about some messages.


  • A guy writes to me asking me to have a little talk. He lives around 400 kms from me, but seems nice, let’s see how it goes.
  • A 44 year-old man writes to me presenting himself and asking if he bothers me. Am I cruel if I don’t answer, even if the answer is obviously “I’m not interested”?
  • Another guy messages me “You are beautiful” with three flower emojis. This is the first time in months, probably years, somebody says it to me. It feels nice. I answer.
  • Another guy, and here I die of laughter, writes to me “Hi! :D Your name is the same as my mum!“. I’m sorry, I can’t stop! x)
  • A guy from 1994, so 2 years of difference, messages me. Weird.
  • I continue to chat with the first one. Let’s call him Oliver.
  • My theory is once more confirmed, I attract a lot of nerds. 
  • I continue to make conversation with the other guys. Oliver asks me what do I like to do. 
  • Chatting with six people is hard.
  • There are guys that is obvious I would not like but they are nice to talk to, so I chat with them. There are others that no, nope.
  • Already two guys have asked me “what a girl like you is doing here?“. I tell the truth, TED talk!
  • One of these guys is an engineer. Ah, every time nerds and engineers, like my exes. I really would like a change.
  • Ted is the teddy bear?
  • The guy from ’94 asks me out. He says I’m cute and intelligent and “there’s no harm in trying“. I feel bad because he seems really cool but have to say no of course.
  • I sent the TED talk link to two guys, one wants me to do a summary, the other one writes me “are you crazy? 16 minutes of video?! hahahaha”. I know you’re not laughing. At all.
  • I hate when conversations become like this: one asks a question, the other answers and then he/she says “and you?”, over and over. It’s not natural. I get tired easily.
  • I believe little in calculations when it’s about knowing another person“. I agree with that.
  • A 37 year-old guy tells me “congratulations, you have beautiful eyes”. Thanks, but you’re 37. I feel bad about not answering, anyway. Again, why do women feel bad when they have standards? Even very reasonable ones like age gap? Why are we programmed to feel bad about everything?
  • The ’94 guy says there’s little difference, and that he insists in knowing me. I do not like that. He asks for my whatsapp. I do not answer.
  • The wifi connection comes and goes tonight so is harder to answer.
  • These guys do not even know how to make a conversation interesting. I mean, that’s one of the most important things!
  • A guy that has “Sex” as place of living writes to me. You by now know what’s going to happen.
  • I have achieved a Master in Patience thanks to my wifi connection.
  • I think it’s time to delete this profile.
  • The “Sex” guy messages me, since I have not answered, “Sorry you don’t speak?“. I freaking hate this attitude. If I wasn’t going to talk to you before, absolutely not gonna do it now.
  • Oliver asks me what kind of music do I like. I answer, and again, “and you?“.
  • I say good night to Oliver, and delete the account.

I didn’t find any perverts, that is pretty great.
I chatted with guys that seem intelligent and polite, so amazing in comparison to what my friends had found on other sites. Is it weird that I marvel at this?
I felt good so many guys decided to write to me.
However, the conversations were often pretty plain.
More guys than I wrote messaged me but I didn’t mention them especifically because the pattern was similar to the ones I did.
I didn’t feel psychologically attracted to anybody (at the beginning maybe Oliver, but the conversation then kinda died), physically neither.
I think if I had found an interesting guy, I would have stayed.
I think I confirmed what I thought about these kinds of websites.

What’s your experience with online dating? What’s your funniest story?


17 thoughts on “Online Dating?

  1. I did online dating for a while a few years ago and my experience was pretty similar, I’d just gone through a break up and I thought it’d be a good experience to get talking again, I agree, the conversations were bland! I spoke to some funny people, if I’m honest, if id have met them in life is have been able to make some great, interesting friends. I will always remember this one guy though, he was my age and lived quite close, but he was, for better words, heavy set, greasy haired and not very attractive, it was a shame because he was very kind and nice to talk to, but, like you, I felt a bit obligated to continue the conversation because I get bad. He started to ask me what food I wanted him to cook for our date and that’s when I stopped talking to him, I explained that I didn’t think we would fit together and the same thing happens, “won’t hurt to try”. There were very many who asked me if I was interested in no strings sex… These were the better looking ones of the bunch which was a shame, because it kind of made me think that anyone who I could remotely be attracted to in real life was actually a dick! I closed down my account eventually, I couldn’t deal with men from hindered of miles away asking me to go and visit them for a date. It was an experience but I wouldn’t do it again lol

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  2. Ehmn, la mia è un’esperienza un po’ strana. Destino, se così possiamo definirlo. Tutto è cominciato con uno scambio culturale, entrambi appassionati dei nostri reciproci paesi e poi non so, è successo qualcosa. Ora son sette anni che stiamo insieme, due di convivenza :D

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  3. I am so with you on the bland conversations and feeling the need to talk to people because they’re nice enough but you know it won’t go anywhere!
    Online dating is definitely not a place for me haha x

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    1. And for me :D
      Even on Facebook, with people I could easily meet (friends of friends etc), I think it always ends there, in a plain conversation that ends soon. If a guy starts to text me there, I think next time I’ll tell him to meet for a coffee.

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  4. I enjoyed watching that video and reading your experiences on the dating site haha – I’ve never been on one; I would much rather prefer to meet someone organically.
    Also, London is an amazing city – I love it so much!

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