It’s London, Darling


Hello, dear readers!
Since I opened this blog, I’ve shared with you some moments of my life, and I think this major step into adulthood has to be included in the list.

This week I had some appointments at university to deliver some papers and to talk with my degree thesis coordinator – yes, I chose him! – about what to start searching and writing. I’m beginning to write my final thesis, unbelievable right? :)
If everything goes well, if I study hard for my classes, I’m organised and also able to finish my thesis in time, I’ll graduate in July. Just three months left! 

I went to a “Study in the UK” fair in Milan a month ago, and because

  • I had time to register until March (too soon)
  • I also had to prepare some papers, write dissertations (we don’t write them, we just read a lot of books) and even have recommendation letters from professors (this is so weird for Italians because we are like 200 in a class so they have no idea who we are)
  • I had a weird feeling that said to me “don’t do it“. Gut feeling?
  • I don’t have the money for the fees and I don’t like the idea of getting a loan (again, weird feeling)
  • and if I don’t like the course, what will I do? If I suck at it? If I choose something and then I cannot find a job and I also have a loan to pay?
  • I really wanted to finish my university before thinking about another thing

I decided to leave my desire to study a master in Great Britain or an English-speaking country aside for a while.
For who reads my blog for some time, this is not news, I talked about it here.
Basically I passed from giving up to restart searching to giving up again. Great job, Mariella.

Jobs in Italy on my field – and jobs in Italy in basically every field now – are impossible to find. Unfortunately the only two things people my age are doing  are being an intern for free or very low paid (in hopes of being assumed, that practically never happens) or working in something like waiter, cashier or in a fast food. No offense to these professions, but we’re talking about young men and women with university degrees, we’re talking about the supposed future of this country. I’m not going too deep in the question because I get angry.

Anyway, I’ve decided to emigrate.
From the title you can understand where: I’m going to London.
Probably not the best decision ever, since friends went there on vacation have told me that Italians are everywhere in London, and English are getting kinda tired of them. Basically a little invasion.
Despite this, I still think London is the best option: it has the publishing houses, papers, magazines and television channels I would like to work for. It has an entire world of opportunities that Italy could never offer me. I’ll apply to every single job and internship in these fields and more, especially in publishing houses and television channels (I would love working in production and/or screenwriting).
So yes, if I don’t change my mind, in around three months I’ll be one of those young people who put everything they think important in a small luggage and leave the country to follow their dreams.
I’m going to try it. Unlike with the master, I really have a positive feeling about this. I think I can make it.
Will I make it? What will happen? 
You’ll discover it with me. 
Stay tuned :)

P.s: do you have any ideas, suggestions, recommendations?
Would you like to meet in London if you live there or close by? :)


11 thoughts on “It’s London, Darling

  1. It’s scary to leave everything behind. And if it’s any consolation it’s always been hard for new graduates to find a job in their field anywhere (I studied political science and international law and have been working in sales ever since I graduated) but I wish you get to achieve your dream. Go for it!! You can’t wait for opportunities to knock at your door. Go get them! 😉 I’ll be cheering on.

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  2. Yay! You, me, and Lizzy from should definitely meet up for “coffee” which means I’ll be ordering tea or hot chocolate, anything expect coffee!

    Liked by 1 person

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