500 Little Big Stars! 


I think deciding to start this blog was one of my best decisions ever. I am so proud of myself for sticking with it, so happy to continue to love it, and the most important thing, I am so glad to have such amazing followers and blogger friends. I love to see your comments and likes, and I’m always so surprised at how much I feel and live the situations and emotions you describe. There are people out there, that think like me, feel like me, and like the same stuff I do… I’m not the only one! Having tried both Blogger and WordPress, I think WordPress is on a hole other level, and I could not recommend it more. 

Today was a kinda crappy day, and I surprisingly decided to listen to Led Zeppelin (I don’t even know them well, not usually my style). Now I’m gonna curl up in bed and read a book. Have a nice evening, lovely people! :) 


6 thoughts on “500 Little Big Stars! 

  1. Se non erro ho conosciuto il tuo blog grazie al gruppo Mouse Warriors, mi piacque subito il titolo, credo sia molto evocativo e diretto. Sono una frana a seguire i blog altrui, ma devo ammettere che non mi perdo nemmeno un tuo post, è davvero un piacere leggerti!

    Buona domenica :*

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