My Holy Grail Drugstore Beauty Products

I truly believe in the power of makeup. The influence that a black eyeliner or a red lipstick can have on your mood is sometimes beyond immagination: you feel better, sexy, confident, your can see it in your reflection on the doors and window shops when you walk down the street. Inexpensive and immediate self-confidence maybe, but hey, it helps, at times we just need a little boost during a crappy day.
Shops and ads continually try to sell us pricey products that look so shiny and luxurious, but that sometimes reveal themselves absolutely not worth the price.
Reading blog posts and watching countless Youtube videos (also because I love them), and rummaging through counters and aisles, I have found and tried a few drugstore products I am finally happy about.

 In this post I will show you the first part (the second will come soon).
P.s.: I’m sure you can find these brands in Europe, but I don’t know about the rest of the world. I think I will try to write a post with alternatives or maybe link you a post/video.
If you click the photos you will go to the product’s page on the brand’s website.
Here we go!

catrice camouflage cream concealer 020 light beige

Catrice Camouflage Cream concealer – shade 020 light beige
I have tried a lot of drugstore concealers, but no one seemed to work, until I found THIS *alleluia starts*.
This baby covers everything, and for only € 3.39 is basically my best discovery.
I recommended it to a friend and she is loving it too.
The shade light beige is perfect (the 010 one is pretty much vampire white, so Bella, if you’re reading, you’re welcome).
Calligraph Ultra Slim Eyeliner Pen 010 Blackest BlackCatrice Calligraph Ultra Slim Eyeliner Pen
I am the queen of eyeliner disasters. I was going to give up when I found this.
The tip is very thin and it’s so easy to grap. I am finally able to do thin and elegant cat eyes.
I bought it with a friend, she tried it that night and the next day she went to buy it.
The price is always € 3.39.

essence silky touch blush 20 babydoll

Essence Silky Touch Blush 20 Babydoll
Very natural, cute and longlasting.
€ 2.99.

essence precise eyeliner brush

Essence brushes
Great products! They have eye shadow, smokey eyes, blush, powder and eyeliner brushes, and even a kabuki. They do amazingly their job. The prices go from € 1.99 to € 3.99 I think.

Also, not from the drugstore but still cheap:

zara black perfume eau de toilette

Zara “Black” Eau de Toilette
Perfection. Elegant, sexy, sweet but not too much, lasts all day.
€ 6.95

Storefinder for

Did you noticed I changed my theme? After like two months drooling over Elmastudio‘s themes I finally bought mine. I didn’t like the graphic of the free ones – for a reason or another they didn’t satisfy me – and I continued to return to this one but was stopped by the fact I had to pay. Today I decided to buy it. Minimalistic, with great attention to fonts (I study Publishing so I might have an obsession with fonts) and really elegant, I think it suits perfectly my blog.
Blogs are like digital photos of us, and having a theme you don’t like on your blog is like wearing that weird dress you have hidden in your closet just because everything’s dirty.

Tell me in the comments which ones are your holy grail drugstore beauty products, I’m super curious! :)


8 thoughts on “My Holy Grail Drugstore Beauty Products

  1. Yay! New theme :D
    As for make up, don’t ask me, I rarely wear it. My skin is a b*tch and so I can’t wear it most of the time. If I do wear it, then I use either Bobby Brown, Chanel and then mid range mascaras from Rimmel or Max Factor.

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      1. I treated myself to it when I went to America. The great thing was that each day of my holiday, I went to a different department store and tried different brands. I got the ladies to give me a make over and then I figured out which ones were better for my skin and which ones lasted all day long. Chanel was my favourite. I loved the foundation I got,

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Every day a different makeover! That seems amazing :D
        I’m looking for a foundation that is not heavy on my skin, I’m just gonna ask for samples to see how it goes :)


      3. Seriously just ask the ladies at the beauty counters if they can help you find a good one and apply it to your skin. You don’t have to buy anything there and then and it’s free. You’ll get to see what it’s really like.
        That’s what I have. It’s really light and it applies easily. You only need a little and it goes quite far. It lasts all day too :)—Foundations—PERFECTION-LUMI%C3%88RE-VELVET-182521

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  2. I just did a blog post on my favorite drugstore products as well but I haven’t tried any of your favorites! I’ll have to give them a try because I’ve been trying to save money on makeup lately.


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