Something you feel strongly about

I grew up in a family that taught me I could be whatever I wanted.
I was lucky to have amazing teachers at school, that not only trasmitted me knowledge but also opened my mind to infinite possibilities.
I was blessed to have a scholarship, to be able to go to university, and meet there amazing girls that made me feel that who I was okay. I was worth loving.
All this thanks to education. My entire life revolves around learning.

I’m not talking about having all As and knowing every single concept of the class. I was never like that.
I never changed: I am a girl that studies (never too much because I enjoy having a life) and has good grades. I’m the one that is very interested in the subject and is inspired by it. Sometimes I even read more books, or I talk about what I’m studying with my friends.

My grandfather had 10 between brothers and sisters, and had to abandon his studies after primary school to start working, but he never stopped learning. He didn’t accept his limits, he found a way. My mental image of him is he sitting at his desk surrounded by books, dictionaries and his typewriter, every day, until he was 90. He learned how to use a computer when he was 90 years old too. He taught me how to play chess but I remember him clearly playing against the computer, and winning. Because of him I’m so passionate about books and everything that surrounds them. Because of him I’m so damn curious (I used to make a looot of questions). Because of him I am who I am.

Education is a huge problem in the world. I got so angry when I read that one student out of three in Italy doesn’t finish high school. They drop out and start working, or who knows what. They despise education and, apart from some cases in which the teachers, the system and/or the other students are the problem, I cannot understand how.
On the other hand, who wants to study, who dreams about a scholarship, to study and obtain a degree and help his/her family go out of miserable situations, can’t.

I believe that a book, a phrase from a teacher, a thought that came to your mind after listening someone else can do miracles that maybe nothing else can do. I believe education is one of the few ways to change yourself and your life completely.

So: never stop being curious, never stop learning, never ever think that you know enough. Find a way. There is always a way.

(Day 2 prompt of the 30 Days Writing Challenge).

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