About Blogging, Views and Content

I’m not the type of blogger that continuosly promotes her blog in other blogs’ comment sections and/or social networks.
I have Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and even a Facebook page dedicated to this blog, but I don’t constantly update. I love to interact with other bloggers and readers when it happens, but I don’t like to be this persistent in “spamming”, and honestly I haven’t had time lately.

I don’t know if as a result of this or maybe because I don’t comment on blogs so often or because people don’t find my posts so interesting (?) lately, my views have fallen down like crazy.
I do not blog because I want views, but seeing statistics of these past days and the ones from past weeks and comparing them is kinda depressing.
Is it correct to blog about what you love, but modifying/adding/taking away content for the views, or to “stay true” even if you have very little views?
I don’t know.
I want to stay true, but if I continue to see so little interest in what I write – writing a post takes time, it’s not a one minute thing – I have no idea what is gonna happen to Jumbleskine.
In the past (high school) I embraced what was the most trending topic in blogging, fashion, but it was obvious that I liked it but not so much to base a blog about it.

Basically this was an entire post to ask you what you think, how do you react in this kind of situations, and what would you change and what would you keep.

Big bear hug to who always follows me and comments, you really mean a lot, and to who reads but never comments, I know you’re there, thank you :)


17 thoughts on “About Blogging, Views and Content

  1. Agree with this totally. My stats have dropped. I wondered whether it was because I hadn’t been participating in the photo101 this week. Since time began, I was always on one course or another and I was fairly active with it. I guess that brought a lot of traffic.
    Just looking at the stats of photo101, last time I checked they were falling pretty hard too. Maybe because this course is less interactive that others, people are interacting less.

    I also wondered whether I should be bothered by it. It did make me feel like maybe I was doing something wrong. I’ve stuck to my guns and done what’s best for me though. I write for me. I write to help ease the load from my mind. Especially right now, things are tough. I need to focus on me not numbers. I don’t want to get to a point later down the line, where I’ve found my blog has become a perfectly managed blog with a variety of posts that get lots of likes… then what if one day things aren’t going well, I don’t want to worry about whether I can have a rant and rave and a grumble, if it doesn’t fit in with some editorial calendar. Do you see what I mean?

    I don’t mind catering for my followers a little bit, but really this blog is for me, to help me. So I don’t want to walk away from that. If that means that followers loose interest, well that I’ll have to accept that. Everyone can’t always be on the same page as you, all the time.

    P.s. I’m always reading you blog. I love it. I want you to keep up what your doing. I want to hear about your world and your life and your interests. That’s what brings me here. If I wanted to read posts about things that interest the majority of the world, then I’d go find that on big popular sites.
    There’s a reason I don’t follow big companies, or big bloggers… They aren’t as authentic. That’s what draws me to the people I follow. I like real posts, by real people.

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    1. I was also from one course to another. First Blogging101, then Blogging201, now Photography 101 (but I haven’t posted so much, just twice).
      I see what you mean.
      I think you haven’t changed your style, and the theme of your posts, and you shouldn’t. Your blog is, like you have said, a place for you. My blog is a place to share what interests me, it’s an expression of my mind and in some way of my life (but I know what to write on the blog, and what to keep to myself, and I think that’s perfectly fine).
      Thank you so much <3
      Exactly. I always ask myself if the person was always like that or if he/she changed in the process. Or maybe I'm watching it all wrong? I don't know. I have big bloggers (Youtubers especially) that I still love because they remain themselves. I particularly like Ingrid Nilsen for example, and Essiebutton.
      I have also big Youtubers that have become someone I cannot handle anymore. It happens, as life happens.

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  2. I read your posts on your blog because I’m interested. I believe people on average have a short-attention span and some would rather avoid lengthy written posts. Others just skim through them. I follow so many blogs that if I read and commented to all of them, I would be on the computer 24/7. I am speaking for me and not the majority. Do what you have been doing. I think stats will eventually pick up. :)

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    1. Thank you :)
      I believe that too, a lot of people just quickly have a look. I do that too on the WordPress Reader, sometimes I just want a short post or a light post, so I leave the others for later.

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  3. I think we all got more views during blogging 101. I know I don’t have as much time to read the blogs I subscribe to via email, though I try if I have a minute. I also have seen views go down and I thought it’s also because I’m not reading/liking/commenting as much as I did before. I have maybe 20 blogs I subscribe to via email and yours is one of them. I also have not posted as often since everything with my cats and my difficult computer course started. FYI I am commenting during my class, which I almost dropped yesterday but didn’t.

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  4. For myself, I visit other blogs a couple of tines a week. I added the WordPress app on my phone, that way, I can read when I have a few min. I only comment of I have something to say or will add value, not as a way to spam/advertise my blog. Otherwise. You’re right…blog for you! Now, that I have more of a scheduled posts each week, makes it easier to write and my posts are no longer random.

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    1. I’m scheduling a lot too! If I’m not sure if I like what I have written, or something’s missing, I just go back to it later. Also like this I can have posts well distributed during the week.


  5. I like that you can share with the world your opinion about what you do. Don’t feel bad! Not everyone uses social media networks to get their stories out there. I think it depends on the host of the blog and the choices they want to make.

    I share mine to Facebook and Twitter because mine is new and most of my friends read it. But other than that, it was my own decision to share on those sites. I had my doubts at first, but I just blog and share! As for stats, but I am humble and appreciative of those who take the time to read it.

    No worries girl! You are not alone :). Just do what make you feel comfortable.

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      1. You’re welcome :) That’s totally acceptable. Supporters are going to support you no matter what. They won’t call it spam either :). Your posts are interesting, may people agree :)

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  6. My stats have gone down too, but I didn’t really start blogging for stats. I like that people read, but it wasn’t my intent when I started. I write when I have something to write, comment when I have a comment to add. This isn’t a full time thing for me, but an outlet. If I feel pressure to blog when I got nothing, then I would have to question myself.

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  7. One blogger gave me good advice. She said to relax and not worry. I think stats will vary. Certainly, we had more in Blogging 101 as there were thousands of new bloggers. I’m just continuing to post and hope the viewers will enjoy and response. After all, blogging is suppose to be for fun. If I start worrying about it, I would wonder why I’m blogging in the first place.

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