My Month in Photos: February 2015

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Hello my readers!
Last month I decided to create a monthly feature called “My Month in Photos”. The January 2015 post was well received so of course I had to publish another one this month, also because I went out of the house more often this month :D
If a photo is connected to a post, I will leave you the link under.
Let’s start!

arena verona

verona street

This month I took some pictures of my city, Verona, because I wanted to include them in this post.

verona shakespeare romeo and juliet

If you don’t know it, Verona is the scenario of Romeo & Juliet, the most famous (tragic) love story written by William Shakespeare. I don’t like this story very much, I think it’s highly overrated – Shakespeare wrote much better dramas than this -, and celebrating two stupid and naive teenagers falling in love, marrying and killing themselves in 3 days is not a good idea, but that’s another story.
The city is invaded with souvenirs, places and events that attract tourists like me with mosquitos in the summer.

love hearts

February is Valentine’s Day month, but I avoided it spending the day at home watching tv shows and reading.

ferrero chocolates

My mum bought me chocolates, because “who loves you more than us?”, and I ate them – sharing them of course – between the 14th and the 15th, gaining a spot. At least it was just one.
She took home also those heart-shaped biscuits (a friend gave them to her): they looked great, but had no taste. There is a metaphor here.

carnival verona

In February in Italy there is also the Carnival.
The Carnival is not only in Venice – the one in Venice is just the most famous one -, it is everywhere: every city, and almost every village, has their own carnival, where floats drive through the most important streets and people – young and old – dress up and throw confetti at each other.

The day of the carnival in Verona was a mess: I had to take the bus to go to an exam, but completely forgot it was that day, so I freaked out when the bus took a road I didn’t know because they had closed the streets where the floats would pass. Once discovered it, I had to walk around half an hour to reach to my university, and I arrived tired and with my feet hurting. When I finished my exam, I walked to the bus stop. Talking about confetti, people throw them even to strangers: a man around fifty saw me and told me “oh not even a little bit?”, put his hand in a huge bag of confetti and threw them at my hair.

On the way I took these pictures. Sorry if some of them are blurry, I was late and literally took them while walking.

mask carnival

I have a mask that I love so much I hung on my wall.

owls necklaces

And I might have an obsession with owls. My mum says she associates them with me, nocturnal, quiet, intelligent, with big eyes, fluffy but actually pretty dangerous… she even got me an owl Christmas decoration. These necklaces are of a shop near my uni. I always see them and want to buy one but I’m never sure which one. What’s your favourite?

verona winter verona winter bus

I always see this place returning home. How lovely it is in winter, with the trees all bare?


If you notice all the photos are kinda gray because that’s the winter here, but the day of my last exam the sun came out and I went for cocktails with my friends to celebrate. You can read the hole story here: The Sun Shined.


I also went for a (non alcoholic) drink by myself, or better: it was freaking windy and cold and I had to wait for half an hour outside but I didn’t want to so I entered into the closest warmed up place I found. It was weird to sit there with a drink, some people looked at me like “why?!”, but I didn’t care. Going to the cinema alone, going out with friends alone when everybody’s in a couple are activities that don’t bother me anymore.

road cars

This week a friend of mine took me to uni by car because we decided to choose the same optional course. The road was quite empty.

lamps flowers bar

I also went out for a spritz with one of my best friends, that I haven’t seen for a while. You can find the story here.

don giovanni moliere alessandro preziosi verona

And I bought theatre tickets (my university has an agreement with some of them so for us they are 3 euros) to see “Don Giovanni” by Molière with my friends.

drawing girl

And I even tried to draw.

These photos were all taken with my iPhone 4 and modified with the app VSCOcam.
If you want to know how I do it, I wrote a post about it –> here.

Today I’m going to Milan for a fantastic experience, the photos of the event I’m going to attend and of the city will be in a separate post.


14 thoughts on “My Month in Photos: February 2015

  1. Wow Mariella, I love your pictures! I was a very little girl when I saw a classic Bollywood film that had its setting in Venice and the hero and heroine were in a gondola with the gondolier crooning a love song. I fell in love with Venice and the dream of travelling to Italy right there and then. One day I shall visit your beautiful country. :)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lovely pictures. We loved Venice (February when we visited – non smelly and gorgeous sunshine and blue skies) I’ve always wanted to go back and see Verona. Having seen your pictures has certainly encouraged me to push it up my list.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wonderful photos! It’s so interesting, about the owls… I have a huge collection of owl figurines, which were my mothers. I just couldn’t bring myself to give them away when we moved into this house. I will have to see about putting them on display and take a picture to show you.

    Liked by 1 person

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