A Piece of Cake

chuck pie pushing daisies

Today I found out not having a short-term objective could be weirder than I expected.
I woke up this morning – well, midday – with any plan at all. I didn’t have to study, or go to university, and I don’t have a job for the moment.
I ate lunch – my dad cooked some pasta – and then I thought: “now what?“.
I was disoriented.
(You’re probably trying to kill me through the computer because you just came back from work and are tired as hell.)
So I surfed the net, read a little, and then I did what I often do in these kind of situations: I baked.
Baking has a special place in my heart.
My first contact with baking was with my grandma: she used to bake biscuits and sweets of all sorts, then put them in those Danish cookies’ tins and offered them to everybody that came to visit her. They were a lot – my family is not tiny at all – so she baked a lot.

I was her little assistant. I was fascinated by the process, and still I’m.
Baking is like science: you can recreate an experiment over and over, even with a difference of months or years, and produce the same result. No variants, no inconveniences. The fact that you can control something, in this case a process of creation, from its origins to the final result, is calming. You are in charge. The outcome of your work makes people you love happy, and of course you too enjoy a piece of that cake. You baked it, so it tastes better.
Baking is also relaxing in the way that you can really empty your mind, for even just half an hour. Does it ever happen to you that when you’re doing a “mechanic” work you feel better later? When your hands are working, and you know what you’re doing, the brain shuts down. Better if you put some music, so you can sing those catchy lyrics.

IMG_0624-0What I baked was a very simple and fluffy as a cloud Margherita cake, an Italian (and very simple) classic.
I added some vanilla estract and grated some orange peel to make it my way.
The aroma invaded the house.
Everybody said it was yummy.
My part was done.

(The images are from the tv series “Pushing Daisies”, that I love with all my heart. You need to watch it ;))


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