The Sun Shined

Today was a great day.
I mean, I didn’t win the lottery or anything like that.
But I finished my exams for this session, the sun was shining, my friends and I went for an aperitif to celebrate and stayed outside, the bartender offered us free shots, sat next to us and talked – maybe I’m too suspicious but I think he was flirting with my friend, or maybe with all -, we ate at the university canteen and then we went to the bookshop, where I bought an Isabel Allende’s book as a “prize”.

When we were at the bar, I looked away for a moment, the laughs of my friends in the background, and realised how beautiful simple days like this could be.
We weren’t doing anything special, just sitting there drinking 1.60 € spritzs (we discovered it’s 3 for 5€ on Wednesdays there) and talking about everything and anything at the same time, but it was wonderful.
I really needed it.
Happiness is a lot about the perspective for me, what is it for you?

P.s.: how was your day?


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