The Bookworm Club #1

The first week of The Bookworm Club have brought to us books of very different genres (we’ve got life lessons, love, crime…)  but that seem all really interesting!
I’m going to put them right in my (every day bigger) wishlist.
Clic on the link under the photo to discover what they talk about!

God Never Blinks  2

Thistles and Whistles

the reader bernhard schlink

The Worn Bookmark

Anniewhere She Goes

Unironically Excited

P.s.: I have an exam on Tuesday so I’ll be studying no stop these days.
I’ll be back soon, wish me luck! :)

P.s.2: I wrote some book reviews too!
You can find them here, here and here(my first post!).


26 thoughts on “The Bookworm Club #1

      1. It really is so good, you should join in. They cover different forms of writing poetry. It’s all stuff we did in school, but it’s so much fun to go over it again, and do things you wouldn’t normally do.
        Well if you’re free, go and have a really really really long nap. Get nice and cosy and relax.
        Is it your course that’s been stressing you, or something else?
        I’ve started reading a new book, but din’t think I’ll have it finished for this weeks book club! It’s called, The Last Days of Rabbit Hayes

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      2. Yes, exams, last semester at uni, thesis, my usual “mantra” (what I’m going to do with my life) and all that stuff.
        A friend of mine from uni is going out (well, they’re a couple now) with a guy from uni and I wasn’t expecting it in some way so when I discovered it I felt lonely and invisible, but that has anything to do with them, just with me and my insecurities. But now I’m fine I think :)


      3. I might just do a midway review of the book. It’s not something I’ve done before, but could prove to be interesting as I don’t know what will happen in the end :)
        I’ll see how sleepy I am this evening

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      4. What you mean, you don’t want to know about the volcanic explosion that melted everyone!?! Even the goddess of Persia!

        (p.s. that totally never happened. Well at least not in this book)

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      5. I’ve been feeling like I have little focus any more. I don’t have anything driving me. I don’t know my goals and I don’t really know how wordpress fits into all this any more.
        I started blogging when I started the antidepressants and now that I’m off those, I didn’t know what my blog was more. Hopefully this course might help me figure it out.

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      6. I hope the course will help.
        Your blog doesn’t have to have a focus, it just has to express you, what you like, what you’re feeling. Like mine: I talk “about everything that captures my attention”, like I always say.
        What has captured your attention lately?

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      7. Everything an dnothing captures my attention at the moment, I’m loving so many things. I feel torn apart by it all. I wouldn’t mind if one of the chunks was the biggest, as in I liked something better than the others, but I don’t. I’m lost in a world of exploration… sigh. At least I’m not bored though!

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