The Bookworm Club

Today, inspired by the Blogging201 prompt, I decided to create an event about books.
Twenty7zero3 and I came out with a name: The Bookworm Club.

The first rule of Bookworm Club is: do not talk about Bookworm Club… so type about it instead.

Basically you’ll have to talk about one book you particularly love and why, add some quotes if you like, or talk about the book you’re reading at the moment (and that you’re also enjoying of course). Take your books from the bookcases, remove the dust and fall in love with them again, or at least tell us why you did it.
This event is made for sharing and discovering good books and discussing about them.
You’ll have to publish your post with a photo/image of the book you’re talking, a pingback to this post (put a link to it) and the tag thebookwormclub.
You have to publish on Friday, but you can write the post any day you want and plan it for Friday (you can choose the day and even the hour on the options).
I will collect all the photos (followed by your post’s link) and publish a post here on my blog every Saturday (the concept of “Friday” varies with the time zone).

You don’t have to participate every week, you can just enjoy reading others’ posts and then running to the library/bookstore to find them! :)

Do you like the idea? Do you already have a book in mind?
Can’t wait for your posts! :)


59 thoughts on “The Bookworm Club

    1. I wrote the instructions on the post: tomorrow you have to publish the post on your blog, with a photo/ image of it, a link back to this post and the tag #thebookwormclub.
      I then will put all the photos with the links to the post in one big post on my blog.

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    1. You have to publish on Friday, but you can write the post any day you want and plan it for Friday (you can choose the day and even the hour on the options).
      I will publish the post later today, so if you want to write it for this week you can do it now, if not you can do it for next week :)

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  1. I really like the name of your Event! There’s a half-price bookstore in town called The Bookworm. So, this is going to be posted to you tomorrow, and then you’ll be posting the ‘results’ on Saturday? Just checking. Things tend to confuse me. I would like to get involved here. Finger’s crossed I’ll get it done right. :)

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      1. Well, fingers crossed, I’ve done this right. I posted, with a pingback to here, and I’ll post over at blogging101coj2015 to let everyone know. Is there anything I’m leaving out? I’ve posted at the bottom of my ‘review’ the photos. Let me know if anything else is needed. Thanks!!!


  2. This sounds like a great idea! I’ll participate from time to time but I already have a weekly Friday series on my blog :-/
    In any case, it will be fun to read others’ posts and get reading recommendations.

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  3. Is this event only meant to talk about 1 book or give synopsis of books read, or can it also, or instead encompass info about authors or books; book reviews; book suggestions; etc?


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