Finding My Books A New Home

I have a lot of books on my bedside table. And on my shelf. And in my bookcases. I basically have books everywhere. Bought in second-hand shops, in bookstores, gifts, during my high school and university years I have stored them in my (and near to my) room until there was no space. The majority I have read them, some are still unread.

Yesterday in a rare but precious desire to order I decided that it was time to find some of these books a new home. I collected them in (more than) a pile on my bed, took some pictures and published them in my friends’ Facebook group. Soon I managed to give some of them away.
(I will bring the ones that nobody wants to the public library and if the librarian doesn’t want them I will put them in the “gifts” box they have).

I was so happy to give them to people that would appreciate them.
Unfortunately that will not happen to my high school text books.
They were “guilty” of occupying most of the space on my bookcases. I kept every single one of them, because I like books and I thought they would be useful someday.
Some months away from graduating, it was obvious that my math, biology and chemistry books, among others, would not be used, so yesterday I asked on Facebook and to friends what to do with them, maybe some kid wanted them (I don’t think math has changed in these years) but the answer was no. The publishing houses publish a new edition every year so parents are obligated to buy them new.
I brought them from the bookcases to my room. I took them one by one and opened them: they were brand new, perfectly kept. I thought about how much money my mother had spent on them and how useful they could be, and that soon they would become trash.
I carried them back to the bookcases, I still had to find a cardboard box to put them inside. I started feeling a crazy lower back pain right away. I could not sit or bend my back without it aching terribly.
One day after, I still have it, with a hot-water bottle that isn’t doing anything, and the books are still in the bookcases where I left them.
Maybe it was a sign. Or maybe at 22 I’m becoming too old to carry a pile of books.

So, what’s your relationship with books? :)

(The picture is from Tumblr. Don’t worry, my case is not too desperate :D)


18 thoughts on “Finding My Books A New Home

  1. Books are so wonderful. I used to be a little Matilda. I’ve only recently got back into reading. I’ve really missed it. My bookcase still has lots of room for more books, so I don’t feel too guilty about buying two more today.

    Hope your back gets better soon!

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      1. I’ve started reading The Cuckoo’s Calling, but it hasn’t really captured my attention. I bought ‘Testament of Youth’ and ‘The Last Days of Rabbit Hayes.’
        I generally like stories that I can relate to, anything goes really :)

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      2. Oooh I like the sound of that! I am looking forward to doing this. I’ve been trying to rack my brains about some of my best reads.

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  2. I am such a hoarder of books it’s almost funny, I have them everywhere throughout my house and I cannot bear to part with them, so kudos to you for doing that. Even the ones that bought for uni and actually never opened, I am semi convinced that one day I will actually finally read them and therefore I can’t give them away. The one textbook I did giveaway to a friend of my mum’s I kinda wish I still had because it held a special place in my life like all my other books. I have too many of them, that I can acknowledge, but I cannot get rid of them I love them too much!

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    1. I don’t like most of them anymore, and I know they’re going to people who will treat them well :)
      For the textbooks, I’m throwing only the ones of the subjects I’m not interested in, I’m keeping all my Literature, English, Art and Latin books :)

      Why did you never open the ones for university? :)


      1. Oh the majority of the ones that I got were sort of support texts to the actual texts that we were doing on the course so I had the best of intentions in getting a better understanding of some things (mainly Shakespeare) but I just didn’t because I had so much other reading to do every week as well as essays/presentations and stuff that I just didn’t have the time.
        I have an English degree and I love love Shakespeare so I do feel like one day I will actively look to get a better understanding of some of the plays, and therefore I keep them. I should probably when I move out properly have a good old clear out of my books though because there are so many that I forget even exist and loads from when I was younger!


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