Thank You!


Hello there!
This will be a short (I have to go back to study) but meaningful post.
Today WordPress notified me that I had obtained more than 50 followers.
I want to thank you all, for leaving comments, being supportive and for just reading my posts. The WordPress community has surprised me with their kindness.
I want to thank you also for writing great posts: I don’t always comment but I read them, and they’re amazing like you.

I want to write about more topics, so if you have any ideas please write them in the comments.
Also: if you want to ask me something, or would like to talk to me / ask me something in private, I have a mail (jumbleskine at gmail dot com) so write to me, about anything.
I would like to open an “Ask Ella” series, like you write me in private about a problem and then I talk about it (anonymously) on the blog, but that depends on you.

Have a lovely day, and
DFTBA: Don’t Forget To Be Awesome.


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