#Gifsday: Multiple Shades of Fangirlism

I’m going to reveal you a little secret: I am a fangirl.
The image that is coming to your mind right now is: crazy, emotional, stalker.

You know, like this:
cliffhangertumblr fangirlingfangirling happy

omg they're so cute i can't and that is canon

Well, you’re wrong.
There are multiple shades of fangirlism.
educate yourself

Most of my friends and I just watch a lot of series and/or read books, and then talk about it.
reading plot twist

We comment episodes, we exchange ideas and theories about what we think about the books we are reading/have read, we reblog our favourite gifs (animated short sequences of movies/series) on Tumblr, make silly jokes about the characters we love (and not) and insert sillier gifs that express our emotions in normal conversations, that leads of course to laughing.

well yeah it's a big club we should get t-shirts doctor who

I’m the one who tries to control my laughter at the bus stop because a friend just sent me a stupid joke about a character.

gurl let me see dat assI’m the one who at the university’s computer room naïvely opens a private message on Facebook only to find it’s a link to a gif with an erotic Game of Thrones scene, jumps on the chair and aggressively links on the “X” button, looking around to see if someone noticed (thank God nobody did).
(And here’s a lesson: don’t open messages from your friends in public).
I’m the one who tries to convince her friends to watch a show that I like so I can talk about it with somebody. They usually love it, and the chain starts.
(I wrote some posts about tv series (here and here) and books (here and here) I like)

You probably are thinking:
a) She’s crazy.
b) She’s crazy and I love it.
c) I watch series and read books but I’m normal.
Let me tell you something: nobody is normal. You may not really like books and series, but I’m sure there’s something you obsess over: football, dancing, music, movies, science, Broadway, baking, boxing, videogames, there are infinite options, because there are infinite things that people love. If you’re not passionate about something, there’s something wrong with you.
So yes, you are a fangirl/fanboy.

stiles happy

So, what do you fangirl/fanboy about? :)

P.s: I have a file on my computer with all the gifs I love and that make me laugh. When I’m sad I open it. It’s my little happy collection, what’s yours?


11 thoughts on “#Gifsday: Multiple Shades of Fangirlism

  1. This is great! The gifs are awesome! It threw me off a bit because I thought “omg, it’s friday!” But it’s obviously not lol. Personally, I’m a brony, but I’m also a huge Harry Potter fan, I watch Sherlock, Dr who… Well, I’m interested in lots of different things :)

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, I lied a little, I have watched it, I enjoyed it occasionally when David Ten-inch Ahem, TENNANT, I watched from start to finish with Matt smith (he’s my doctor) but couldn’t grasp it with the new guy, just didn’t click. Still I will watch any episode with smith or tenant. Harry Potter is kind of, like, my life, kind of. I love it. I’m still reading the books now, even though I’ve read them before! Sherlock is just phenomenal! My faveourite at the moment is broadchurch, have you heard of it?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes, I think I will love Eleven (not as much as Tennant but anyway) but not so much Twelve, I don’t see much the Doctor as a grumpy Scottish not-so-young man.
        I have heard of Broadchurch (Tennant with a beard!), and also of the American version, but I still have to watch it. It’s on my list though! :)


      3. It’s so totally worth it, it’s really good. If your into headcanons and trying with all your might to figure out whats going on then you will love it. It’s really well written and tenant playes a blinder. They really need to bring back eleven, he just made me light up when I saw him lol

        Liked by 1 person

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