Who Wants to Be Right as Rain

Who wants to be right as rain, it’s better when something is wrong.
You get excitement in your bones and everything you do is a game.
When night comes and you’re on your own you can say “I chose to be alone”.
Who wants to be right as rain, it’s harder when you’re on top.

‘Cause when hard work don’t pay off and I’m tired,
There ain’t no room in my bed, as far as I’m concerned.
So wipe that dirty smile off,
We won’t be making up, I’ve cried my heart out
and now I’ve had enough of love.

Who wants to be riding high when you’ll just crumble back on down.
You give up everything you are and even then you don’t get far.
They make believe that everything is exactly what it seems.
But at least when you’re at your worst, you’ll know how to feel things.


One of my best friends published this song on Facebook today and tagged me. It’s one of our songs.
It makes us smile with a bitter aftertaste.
She lives in another continent, I haven’t seen her physically in years, sometimes weeks, months can pass before we talk again, but she just… feels and writes me at the right time.

Do you have a friendship like this? Let me know in the comments.

Be as right as rain (informal): to be healthy, especially after having been ill for a period of time.


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