Why Coffee is a Good Friend

Thinking about the prompt “Express Yourself” after lunch, while waiting for the coffee to be ready, as background music just the typical “grrrrr” sound of the moka pot, it came to my mind that this little object, and especially what it was producing, was a very important aspect of my life.
So today we talk about coffee. Better, we talk about caffè.
Pronounced /kaffè/ – the double “f” is very important -.
God, I’m such a Hermione.

Coffee is like a best friend.
He’s there to cheer you up when you have slept two hours after a party, and you look and feel horrible but you still have to go to work/university.
He’s there every morning, to say to you wake up, moron, we have to go.
He’s there when your head is hurting so much you think it’ll explode – yes, it helps -.
He’s there when you need to sit down and have a hot beverage.
He’s there when you’re panicking so much because in two days you have an exam and you know nothing, dear you.
He’s like the friend that will hit you and say “stop saying and doing bullshit”.
Yes, coffee is a He.
No, he will just slap you metaphorically.
Sometimes it is worse.

So, what is coffee for you?

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Express Yourself.”


16 thoughts on “Why Coffee is a Good Friend

  1. I don’t like coffee. I tried to like it but it just tasted like the bitter disappointment of having to grow up.
    I’ll stick to my cups of teas and hot chocolates with cream!


    1. I understand you, I didn’t like coffee, but in high school I started to like it – maybe it was my body telling me that I needed it – and at university I started to drink it without sugar.
      I love a good cup of tea or hot chocolate too anyway :)

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  2. coffee is like a pet that greets you to the morning when you wake up
    coffee is like a blanket to warm you up from the inside out
    coffee is a homebody with you while you do your daily activities and doensn’t demand your attention
    a little affection from the microwave and it’s warmed up to love you some more.
    everyones coffee is done the way that it special to them so it reminds you your special everyday and that you desereve it.

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