“The Times We Had”

the times we had tallinn

Yesterday I was reading twenty7zero3‘s blog, and we started talking about how lovely is to discover a picture’s story, trying to imagine what lies behind, or telling a moment of your life that reminds you of that photo. We came up with the idea of writing, with other bloggers – we want to know your stories too! – our stories. This is mine.

“The Times we had” is marked on a pink wall in the Kohtu street viewplatform in Tallinn, Estonia. To arrive, you have to go up the Toompea hill, so not every tourist knows it. You can admire the whole city from there, from the characteristic buildings of the Old Town to the Baltic Ocean.

When I went there, a gentle breeze was moving the leaves, producing a relaxing sound. Then it became stronger, and my hair was everywhere, but I didn’t care. The sun was illuminating the whole place I was supposed to live for a semester.

“Why Tallinn?”, you might ask. Nice question. I was assigned there for my Erasmus (a European exchange program for university students) because I wanted to study English. My name was called after the girl they assigned it refused.
I wanted to leave, no matter where, so I went.
It was probably the best decision of my life.
I spent 5 glorious months, studying, travelling, going to parties, meeting every day new people from every European country.


When I returned home, depression came to knock on my door.
The small village in the countryside where I live doesn’t have any of this at all.
My life was reduced to going to university, seeing my friends – which is nice, but always in the same places and doing the same stuff – and studying.

I arrived to hate studying. Me, that I’ve always loved to learn.
Maybe that was the point: I was storing up information but not learning at all.
Everything was theory nothing was practice and the theory wasn’t useful.

Often, I found myself watching my Erasmus’ photos, and this was the one that represented it all: “The Times we had”.
When I took it, excited and just arrived to the city, it didn’t have the meaning that it has now.
Now it represents how alive I felt.
How I was happy that I was taking advantage of every day and every moment, living my live to the fullest.
And how much do I want to feel like that again.


This is my final year at university. Where will I go to work or study my Master?
Who knows, but not here :)

If you want to read twenty7zero3’s story, go here.

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11 thoughts on ““The Times We Had”

  1. Fantastic! I’m so glad you wrote one too. I love your story. It reminds me of how I felt when I left my life elsewhere and returned home. I hope you find that happiness once again :)

    Thanks for the mention too! Much appreciated. x


  2. I too have been to that place many times as a youngster – living life everyday to it’s fullest around the World and when I returned to England, it was horrid. It was soooo normal after all my adventures. So I’d go off again, escaping into other cultures and lands, and then one day I came home and was told I should settle and get a career, so I did… and so life went on. Enjoy your life, live for today, that was my motto then and although I lost it along the way, caught up in the fast paced western ways of living, I am back there now, with my ‘live for today’ motto at full strength :-)

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    1. Thanks, and great story! my dream is to find a job that allows me to settle but never to settle down, immobile, in the same actions and places. Let’s see how that goes :)
      Where are you now? :)


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